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November 8, 2013

Wedding Album (& A Fight Inside My Brain)

I consider myself a relatively organized person (most of the time anyways), but I can’t help feeling like my brain is a constant war zone between split personalities: one side is an organized, responsible, functioning adult and the other side wants to blow everything off and shop online for dresses with cats on them while splitting a bottle of Moscato with myself.

Case in point- our wedding album. We got married on July 9th, 2010, and I immediately earmarked a few hundred dollars in our savings account in preperation for purchasing a proper wedding album. Responsible adult. However, I just got around to making the album this month (three years later). Internet cat shopper. I also searched for an online deal to get the book for a lot cheaper than it’s retail price. Organized human. I didn’t use the deal before the deadline passed and lost the big discount. Moscato Mamma.

Either way, I’m thrilled to have the book finally done and sitting on our coffee table. I adored our ceremony and reception and now I can walk down memory lane whenever I like. There’s just something about a printed photo that’s so different from the same file on your laptop, don’t you think?

Anyways, I put aside more money than I really needed to make the book (mature) and I so I decided to buy myself a pair of new shoes with the extra cash (www.catstuff.com). Oh well, you win some, you lose some!


February 17, 2013

L+T Wedding (Part 3)

Party time!! Now, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE going to weddings and speculating beforehand about what the food, drinks, and cake will be like. We decided to pick our dream food list of items we would die to have if we were the party guests; bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese, shrimp cocktail remoulade, mini Boursin burgers (do you wish you were there yet?), Ahi tuna, bacon wrapped filet medallions, lobster mac-and-cheese (I’m getting hungry typing this), garlic mashed potatoes, shrimp pasta with lobster cream sauce, jalapeno cornbread, and chocolate raspberry mini muffins. Holy cow. AND, if you weren’t full enough, there was also the most delicious cake with tiers of vanilla and fresh strawberries, chocolate oreo, and amaretto. Thankfully, the restaurant responsible for the catering is here in town, so we like to eat there on our anniversary and order some of the same items from our reception-it’s like a trip down memory lane for our taste buds!

I spent many long days constructing the crystal trees for our tables and we placed a few white orchids in the branches to make them look as if they were flowering. I also loved the white chiffon canopy over the dance floor and I made a giant flower ball to hang in the center-very romantic to dance under. We hung four frames over the head table to spell out L-O-V-E and I really love the bit of graphic statement they gave to the room. Todd has the biggest sweet tooth his dentist and I have ever seen, so a candy table was a must, and we had fun coming up with little signs and descriptions for the different candies and candy bags.
We left our reception full of great food, our feet bruised from dancing, our cheeks sore from laughing, and hearts full of love for each other and our amazing family and friends. Thanks for joining in our special day!!

xo. Laura

February 8, 2013

L+T Wedding (Part 2)

Onto the ceremony! Once I saw the photos from this section of the wedding a few months later, I had to laugh at how serious I look while walking down the aisle with my dad. On the inside I was a torrent of emotion, I didn’t know if I was going to cry or throw up, but apparently on the outside I looked as if I was blankly considering my snack options from a vending machine. In contrast, you can see how happy and free I look leaving the church after the ceremony pressure was over. Much less of a solemn snack-contemplation face and more of a just-been-told-you-can-have-all-the-snacks-for-free-for-life face.

Man, I must really love snacks if they are making into my wedding day post. Several times.

Anyways, I loved the giant three foot balloons that we used in the ceremony space, they really gave the church a whimsically fun feel. Todd surprised me by switching out one of the planned songs for a tune he’s written about me (so sweet!). I’m usually so attune to situations (i.e. control freak) that it’s hard to surprise me, but I really was shocked and burst into tears when I finally realized what was happening. Todd’s family and our friends were able to do all the music for the ceremony, so we were also treated to beautiful renditions of “Aubrey” by Bread and the theme from An Affair to Remember (one of my favorite Cary Grant movies).

Another of my favorite moments is when Todd and I gave white roses to to each of our parents and my grandparents as a thanks for helping us become who we are today. They are such special people, and we wanted to make sure that they knew how much we appreciated them.

The ceremony was definitely a blur, but a wonderful, lovely blur, and I’m SO glad that we have it on video so I can rewatch it again and soak in all the parts I was too nervous to appreciate fully. Next up-the reception!

xo. Laura

February 5, 2013

L+T Wedding (Part 1)

So, part of being an official band wife is the “wife” part (duh!) and I got that little detail out of the way on July 9th, 2010. In the spirit of getting to know each other, (if you don’t already know me and spend most of your Friday nights helping me eat pizza on my couch) I thought I would do a few wedding posts to catch you up on one of the best days of my existence so far. I think I was a lot more nervous than I thought I’d be, but I did have 8 years of anticipation for this day about to burst through my skin, so that can make anyone a little rattled. I had the most beautiful silk Lazaro dress and I made a crystal bow belt to be the highlight of the ensemble. I had seen a similar belt design on another dress, but couldn’t justify buying the second dress just to rip the belt off (believe me, I considered it). So I recreated the belt myself instead! So glad I did…

We also had the most amazing opportunity to take photos at an over-the-top beautiful mansion that belongs to a kind and generous couple that lives here in town. The house and grounds were the perfect spot for wedding photos, and we felt so privileged to document some of our most treasured memories there.

I really loved that dress…SIGH. I’ll have more pics to come of the actual wedding and reception. Can’t wait for you to see!

xo. Laura