February 17, 2013

L+T Wedding (Part 3)

Party time!! Now, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE going to weddings and speculating beforehand about what the food, drinks, and cake will be like. We decided to pick our dream food list of items we would die to have if we were the party guests; bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese, shrimp cocktail remoulade, mini Boursin burgers (do you wish you were there yet?), Ahi tuna, bacon wrapped filet medallions, lobster mac-and-cheese (I’m getting hungry typing this), garlic mashed potatoes, shrimp pasta with lobster cream sauce, jalapeno cornbread, and chocolate raspberry mini muffins. Holy cow. AND, if you weren’t full enough, there was also the most delicious cake with tiers of vanilla and fresh strawberries, chocolate oreo, and amaretto. Thankfully, the restaurant responsible for the catering is here in town, so we like to eat there on our anniversary and order some of the same items from our reception-it’s like a trip down memory lane for our taste buds!

I spent many long days constructing the crystal trees for our tables and we placed a few white orchids in the branches to make them look as if they were flowering. I also loved the white chiffon canopy over the dance floor and I made a giant flower ball to hang in the center-very romantic to dance under. We hung four frames over the head table to spell out L-O-V-E and I really love the bit of graphic statement they gave to the room. Todd has the biggest sweet tooth his dentist and I have ever seen, so a candy table was a must, and we had fun coming up with little signs and descriptions for the different candies and candy bags.
We left our reception full of great food, our feet bruised from dancing, our cheeks sore from laughing, and hearts full of love for each other and our amazing family and friends. Thanks for joining in our special day!!

xo. Laura

13 thoughts on “L+T Wedding (Part 3)

  1. Beth Z

    oh my gosh…..these pics brought back wonderful memories……especially your dad breaking out in a whole dance routine…sunglasses and groupies…….I think your mom and I were laughing so hard we couldn’tstand up straight nor breathe!!!

  2. Rachel

    You had me at bacon and shrimp. Haha – two of my favorite foods on the planet. Seriously, though, that menu sounds to die for! My husband is a big candy lover, too – our second reception in my hometown had all of the candy that his sweet tooth desired 🙂 And holy gorgeousness – you were STUNNING in that dress!! So absolutely beautiful. I love your decorations and everything – it’s all so timelessly gorgeous.

  3. suzy

    dang. i wish i’d come across these pictures BEFORE my wedding. i’d probably have copied a thing or two. 😉 gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

  4. Monica

    your photographer did an amazing job capturing the beauty of your wedding, and the details in the decorations are gorgeous.
    reading about the food you had.. garlic mashed potatoes (my favorite!) got me immediately hungry. i love the idea of a candy table too, mine would have lots of chocolate!

  5. Abbey

    I love your center pieces! I’m curious if you bought the branches or collected them? If you bought them where did you get them? Thanks!

    1. thebandwifeblog

      Thanks! Unfortunately I bought them almost 6 years ago so I have no idea! I know I found them by just searching online so just keep googling until you find something!

      Laura 😉


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