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February 5, 2013

L+T Wedding (Part 1)

So, part of being an official band wife is the “wife” part (duh!) and I got that little detail out of the way on July 9th, 2010. In the spirit of getting to know each other, (if you don’t already know me and spend most of your Friday nights helping me eat pizza on my couch) I thought I would do a few wedding posts to catch you up on one of the best days of my existence so far. I think I was a lot more nervous than I thought I’d be, but I did have 8 years of anticipation for this day about to burst through my skin, so that can make anyone a little rattled. I had the most beautiful silk Lazaro dress and I made a crystal bow belt to be the highlight of the ensemble. I had seen a similar belt design on another dress, but couldn’t justify buying the second dress just to rip the belt off (believe me, I considered it). So I recreated the belt myself instead! So glad I did…

We also had the most amazing opportunity to take photos at an over-the-top beautiful mansion that belongs to a kind and generous couple that lives here in town. The house and grounds were the perfect spot for wedding photos, and we felt so privileged to document some of our most treasured memories there.

I really loved that dress…SIGH. I’ll have more pics to come of the actual wedding and reception. Can’t wait for you to see!

xo. Laura