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February 8, 2013

L+T Wedding (Part 2)

Onto the ceremony! Once I saw the photos from this section of the wedding a few months later, I had to laugh at how serious I look while walking down the aisle with my dad. On the inside I was a torrent of emotion, I didn’t know if I was going to cry or throw up, but apparently on the outside I looked as if I was blankly considering my snack options from a vending machine. In contrast, you can see how happy and free I look leaving the church after the ceremony pressure was over. Much less of a solemn snack-contemplation face and more of a just-been-told-you-can-have-all-the-snacks-for-free-for-life face.

Man, I must really love snacks if they are making into my wedding day post. Several times.

Anyways, I loved the giant three foot balloons that we used in the ceremony space, they really gave the church a whimsically fun feel. Todd surprised me by switching out one of the planned songs for a tune he’s written about me (so sweet!). I’m usually so attune to situations (i.e. control freak) that it’s hard to surprise me, but I really was shocked and burst into tears when I finally realized what was happening. Todd’s family and our friends were able to do all the music for the ceremony, so we were also treated to beautiful renditions of “Aubrey” by Bread and the theme from An Affair to Remember (one of my favorite Cary Grant movies).

Another of my favorite moments is when Todd and I gave white roses to to each of our parents and my grandparents as a thanks for helping us become who we are today. They are such special people, and we wanted to make sure that they knew how much we appreciated them.

The ceremony was definitely a blur, but a wonderful, lovely blur, and I’m SO glad that we have it on video so I can rewatch it again and soak in all the parts I was too nervous to appreciate fully. Next up-the reception!

xo. Laura