November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Tree Trimming

As thankful as I was to have my guy around for Thanksgiving Day, I was still pretty sad when I dropped him off at the airport yesterday to embark on his first tour to India. I was bummed that he was going to be out of town for most of my extended holiday weekend, but I think I was more jealous that I couldn’t go with him and join in on a big adventure to far away lands. I can’t wait to hear all about this trip when he gets back…

Since Todd wasn’t going to be back in town for a bit, I thought we should put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night so we could do it together. I always get a real Christmas tree since that’s what my family did when I was growing up, but this year we decided to get a faux white tree with the built in lights, and I really do like it so far. I think a white tree fits our vibe a little better, but I do have to say that I miss the smell of real pine floating through the house. We also opened our “stuffed” turkey from my mom that night (here’s my tutorial for making your own). Having little presents from home always makes the day more special…

In case you are wondering, yes, Todd is wearing an adult onesie- I got it in a white elephant game a few years ago and he loves it.  It obviously goes really well with his moose slippers.

So far, Charlie loves to rub her face against the tree, so I think she approves of it too. I’m going to finish decorating for Christmas while Todd is gone, so I hope to have a winter wonderland for him when he gets back. Hope you’re enojying your holiday weekend!


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tree Trimming

  1. kelli

    beautiful photos. wow. the ones with your cat are too cute! love him! i hope he comforts you when you miss “mouse socks” too much.=) xoxoxo


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