November 26, 2013

Give Thanks

Listen, I know that far and wide across the internet this week, people are about to get all thankful up in here. Thankful for great families and spouses, thankful for children or friends, thankful for jobs and new blenders (or whatever else they waited in line for at Target Thanksgiving night). It’s not that these people are wrong- they should be thankful for those things (especially if they snag a great deal on a Dyson vacuum on Black Friday, those babies are EX-pensive). I’m also grateful for people I love, but I can’t forget some of the best things in life that don’t usually get thrown the grateful bone on Turkey Day. For instance, I feel most grateful for…

Electric blankets

False eyelashes

Indoor (but-outdoor-for-a-second-when-I-run-to-get-the-mail) slipper socks

Mad Men

Vacuum sealed ready-to-eat salmon

This list makes my current world go round and I didn’t want a major holiday centered on Thankfulness to go by without giving them the credit they deserve. These items can actually all be enjoyed simultaneously, which, as you can imagine, only increases their respective powers.

Now, can I get a one clap for D. Draper?



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