December 6, 2013

The Glad Game

So, this week has been a little rough for me. I’m coming to the end of my 60 day intense nutrition plan (the anti-candida diet), but I just have felt super food cranky and it looks like I’m not going to be able to go back to my normal eating plan any time soon. Usually Todd is the guy that listens to my silly complaints and lets me cry when I need to, but he’s been in India this past week and we’ve only had limited text conversations when the time differences match up.

Anyways, all that to say that I’ve been really trying to look for the sunny spots in life and play the Pollyana “glad game” when I get down, and this week’s award goes to my furry baby Charlie. She’s such a sweet girl most of the time already, but this week she’s been extra cuddly and always wants to be where I am, sit in the same chair, or crawl under my covers when we go to sleep and purr next to my stomach.

I’ll have to tell you the full story of how I ended up getting her sometime, but even though she’s pretty shy when it comes to people she doesn’t know, she’s worth her weight in gold as far as this lonely little band wife is concerned.

Time for bed- we’ve got some covers to snuggle into and dream of when our favorite guy comes home in just a few more days…


6 thoughts on “The Glad Game

  1. Bethany

    Besides the few days/or weeks of being cranky do you feel better on the Anti-Candida diet? I’ve been really interested in it, and i really love your blog and respect your opinion!
    Hopefully that didn’t sound creepy!! Lol.
    But hopefully you’ll feel better soon!!

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Hi Bethany! I don’t think I’ll really know for several months if the diet worked or not, but I definitely don’t feel any worse so far 🙂

  2. Dana

    I NEVER comment on blogs, but seeing that you’re on the anti-candida diet is something I can totally relate to! I’ve had issues with candida overgrowth for a long time now, and I know how frustrating it is. I tried the anti-candida diet a few times but I couldn’t stick with it– either the lack of certain nutrients or the “die-off” symptoms made me feel really weak/nauseous for days at a time, to the point where I was missing work. Just wanted to say that after trying everything I could think of, I ended up going to a homeopathic doctor. He confirmed that I do indeed have a candida issue and that he could help! I know it’s not for everyone– it’s pretty non-traditional and it’s definitely an investment since it can take a lot of visits & combinations of remedies to “fix” or undo the damage from a long-term issue…but I’m on my third remedy now, and it’s helping tremendously. It’s a process, but I’m finally seeing my symptoms clear up, one at a time. I had tried SO many things in the past, so to see something actually work is giving me hope that I can combat this thing after all!

    Just wanted to share my experience– I was hesitant to make that first appointment, but I’m so glad I did! Either way, I hope you find something that works for you 🙂


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