December 13, 2013

Anti-Candida Diet: Finish Line!

Holy crap, I did it! Today marks the end of my 60 day anti-candida diet and I could not be more thrilled about it. I really have been thankful for the kind comments that some of you have offered me over the past few weeks, they have been so encouraging and I really appreciate your support. When I first started the nutrition plan, I felt pretty bleak about the days that were to come. I wasn’t worried about cheating on the diet (I can be intensely strong willed about completing things when I set my mind to it), but I was absolutely not looking forward to the process and definitely went through some food depression for a good portion of the 60 days.

I love food so much. And by “food,” I mean snacks. Therefore, when you don’t have delicious snacks to look forward to, you don’t care about anything. There’s an awesome party tonight where the cocktails and pizza will flow like wine? Big deal. Your best friend is getting married and you’re the maid of honor? Whatever, I can’t have cake anyway. You have a four day holiday weekend coming up? Goodie, I’ll just bring my own raw vegetables to the Thanksgiving table in a ziplock baggie. Christian Bale wants to meet up for coffee? I can’t have coffee, do they sell herbal tea? No? Damn.

In college, the only reason I would ever go to the university gym was to burn off a couple hundred calories so I could eat a second and third helping of snacks that night while watching movies with my gal pals. I didn’t want to get ahead, I just wanted to make up for the damage I knew I was going to do when placed in front of a Cheez-Its box. Last month I asked Todd the following question- If you had to choose between spending a night with all your closest friends (where you aren’t allowed any snacks whatsoever) or spending the night eating a smorgasbord of your favorite treats (but you have to eat them alone), which would you choose? Todd said, “I would pick the friends, of course.” What an idiot. I’d choose the snacks every time. Has anyone ever invited you over to their house to hang out and then offered you no snacks at any point in the night? Did you eventually panic and have to drive to the nearest Sonic to get you some popcorn chicken before you freaked on your snackless host? Then I believe we understand each other…

My point is, I missed my usual snacks during the last 60 days. I did find some new delicious ones to add into the old rotation, and I know that I will only be partaking in my unhealthy old favorites on rare occasions now, but at least I have something to look forward to. In case you are pondering a few questions about how the diet went, I’ll answer those questions right now and satisfy your curiosity:

-No, I didn’t have “so much more energy” while on this diet like everyone asked me if I did ten times a day. If anything, I felt a little more tired from my food depression…

-No, I don’t know if the diet worked yet. I won’t really know if this diet helped with my health issues until a few more months go by. This past year I’ve had just a few days to a few months between issues, so I won’t know if it really helped until I feel good consistently for a long time.

-Yes, I did shed a few pounds. Now I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.

Anyway, I’m going to keep a pretty vegan diet for the most part for a while to make sure that I still feel good for a long time. I’ve planning on breaking my anti-candida diet with a veggie loaded gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free pizza followed with a few round of chips and salsa and a fruit based desert. These last two months have been extremely tough, but tonight is going to taste SO good.


17 thoughts on “Anti-Candida Diet: Finish Line!

  1. Kortnee

    giiiiirl, that is amazing. I once ended a week long fast with a hearty portion of cinnamon roll french toast. so, obvs, I can feel your pain. way to go on 60 days! let us know if you find a dairy-free cheese to satisfy your pizza cravings. 😉

  2. Logan

    Snacks are my favorite, I’m definitely a grazer too. So if I’m home alone, I will slowly pick at all the snacks instead of eating one solid meal. Oops. But mad props to you for completing this, you have far more will power than I!

    Go eat that pizza, girl, you deserve it!

  3. Sarah DeFo

    I love the Devil Wears Prada reference!

    So glad you accomplished your goal! You should share some more of your recipes 🙂

  4. Lauren K

    I think its amazing that you accomplished this. I have Crohn’s disease and have been thinking about doing something like this but have been too afraid. Reading about your experience (including honesty) with the diet is very inspiring! Great Job!

  5. Tabea

    Wohooo! Congrats on finishing! This is really inspiring! I may start 60 gluten free days in the new year. But then again… gluten is the best!

  6. Allie

    Three cheers for Laura! I also just had to tell you that I laughed out loud from your jokes in this one. Specifically, when you called Todd an idiot. 🙂 Love it.

  7. Sally

    I’m hearing ya Laura! I was invited to a new friends house for craft and coffee. She promised food, it never came. She then had a diabetic hypo and had to go have a snack to bring her sugar levels up. She didn’t offer me any and ate infront of me…. After 3hrs of chatter, no offer of even a cup of tea/coffee I had to leave, I couldn’t stand it any more, it was getting late & I had to get to the coffee drive though before it closed. I still remember it as the most depressing night out.

  8. shelly

    did you find that your diet helped resolve your health issues at all? i have a couple of health problems that i suspect candida is the culprit behind. i am tired of the stopgap remedies and am looking for a longer term solution. Thanks!

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      I’m not sure to be honest, my issues did return after six months but I’m not sure if the diet didn’t work or I didn’t do it long enough. It’s tough to tell :/


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