January 27, 2014

Come On Get Happy

Happiness is warm weather in January. We’ve had a few days this month that were above 60 degrees and they have been such a shot of joy into an otherwise bleak and depressing winter landscape. When the sun is out, all I want to do is head to our neighborhood park with a hot drink in my hand and my guy on my arm. We watch the ducks and geese and anthropomorphize every move and sound that they make and laugh ourselves silly. Happy sunny days call for a happy sweater, so that’s where this little kitted gem comes in…
Hat/Forever 21, Sweater/Forever 21, Jeans/Express, Shoes/Steve Madden, Bag/Posse’

The ironic thing about this sweater is that I was actually pouting for a good hour because I didn’t get to spend as much time outside at the park as I really wanted to. Once I remembered that I had a big DIY project at home that I was dying to start, I cheered right back up again (what a brat). Hope it’s warming up wherever you are!


10 thoughts on “Come On Get Happy

  1. Monica

    I wish I could spend more time outside, but up here in Canada… it’s just out of the question. I love the pop of neon in your bag – it makes me happy!


  2. Christina @ The Murrayed Life

    I hear ya on the weather sista! I moved to Austin to get away from depressing Januarys and I didn’t really realize just how much those days affect me until this week. We went from the 20s on Friday to 70s and 80s on Saturday and Sunday, then back to the 20s! On the weekend I was out and about and energetic, and then today here I am with Sesame Street on still in my pjs. I do have a sick boy in my lap, but if it was nice outside, we would totally be out there for a bit. I just can’t hang. I don’t know how those people in their negative temps do it!!

  3. Elise

    So the shoes are Steve Madden, but where/when did you get them? I’ve been dying for a pair like that and can’t ever find them!!

  4. Alexa

    Just had to tell you that I think your writing style is divine. It makes me giggle like a crazy woman as I read your posts and your realness is so very endearing. I am a newer reader and just am so happy that I have stumbled into your blog world. It’s a happy, adorable, real place. I can see why the ABM girls <3 you.


  5. Tina

    Hey there!

    You look great, as always! Where did you get those sunglasses? Dying for a pair like yours!

    Thanks and please keep doing what you do! 🙂


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