January 13, 2014

Meet Mac!

Hello world, meet Mac!! We picked out our new little guy from the Humane Society last week and we love him so much already. He’s got one of the sweetest dispositions I’ve ever seen and he is unbelievably playful-so fun to watch!

You may remember that our current cat is named Charlie and wonder if we chose the names “Mac” and “Charlie” from one of two things-either they are character names from two of our favorite John Steinbeck books (Travels with Charley and Cannery Row) or they are the names of the hilarious duo from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Which did you guess? You’re right! Of course having both a highbrow and lowbrow meaning, we will judge which to mention based on who is asking. Are they drinking brandy from a snifter? Steinbeck. Are they wearing a Philadelphia Eagles shirt with the sleeves removed? Always Sunny. Do they have they have Fraiser and King of the Hill in their DVR? Both.

After doing some research online, we have tried to introduce him to Charlie in a slow and steady way. We set up a “safe” room for him in my art room and just let them hear and smell each other with the door shut for a few days. This part was a bit tough since we felt bad keeping him in one room and Todd and I didn’t see each other much since one person was hanging out with each cat at a time. Then we moved on to letting the kitties see each other through a baby gate (well, two stacked on top of each other in the doorway). There was a bit of hissing and growling at this stage, so we tried to get them to play separately but within sight of each other. Once we got a few times of “nice” meetings, we let them near each other without the gate, but have only had a few meetings since without one or the other getting upset. I keep trying to remind myself that it hasn’t even been a week yet and that it will take some time for them to get used to each other, but it does break my heart a little when one yells at the other. It seems like they are mostly playing the roles of annoyed older sister and rambunctious younger brother…

Thankfully, there have been some hopeful moments of acceptance of the other cat and I heard that while I was at work today they were playing a version of “whac-a-mole” with Charlie on top of the table while Mac poked his head up from various dining room chairs. There’s hope!
While the other feline in the house may need a bit more time, us humans adore this little guy and look forward to seeing what new stuff he’ll get into everyday. We just had his first vet appointment this afternoon and they said he was the most handsomest, friendliest, and playful kitty they had ever seen. So there. I wonder if I can get that in bumper sticker form…

xo. Laura

16 thoughts on “Meet Mac!

  1. Sena dees

    Awwwwww soooo cute. My pets took a while to get used to each other too. But now they are sort of friends and it hasn’t even been a month yet!

  2. Melodie

    He really is the cutest little guy! And don’t worry, my Yoda is always awful with other cats but after 2 days with a 3 months old kitty i rescued a few months ago, he suddenly became more curious than afraid (and therefor very agressive) and slowly started to play with him…after a week they were sleeping together and my Yoda was taking care of the little one like his own baby! Most of the time their instinct is to protect the younger ones after they get to know them a little bit 😉 I’m sure Charlie will be an amazing older sister!
    Congratulation on your new family member dear Laura!
    P.S: Here is a fun post from my blog, with my 2 furry friends getting to know each other: http://sevenlivesandmore.blogspot.fr/2013/11/a-cats-life-wonderful-day-in-cats-land.html

  3. Logan

    Oh my goodness, what a handsome fella!
    Also, it’s worth pointing out that last photo is absolutely stunning
    New default? Totally.


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