February 17, 2014

Valentine’s Day Surprise: Photo Booth!

So, last post I said that I had a Valentine’s Day surprise in store for Todd and I guess now I can tell you what it was—it was a photo booth!! I made a little photo wall in my art room and set up my camera on a tripod with a remote so we could snap tons of silly pictures to remember the night for years to come. Here’s a few of my favorite:It was actually the first time that I’ve used the flash on my camera (I always turn it off otherwise), but I actually really like the effect of the flash in these pics—it feels like a real photo booth! It felt a little silly and cheesy at first, but we had a lot of fun taking them and reviewing them later in the night. I think I’ll make it a yearly tradition so we can make a little album of them in the future. Hope you made some fun memories of your own!


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Surprise: Photo Booth!

  1. amanda

    not cheesy at all! i love this. i was just thinking about how my husband and i need portraits and something like this would be so much more fun than a formal photoshoot.

  2. Kristin

    It`s such a good idea to make it a tradition and make an album out of it 🙂 I want to try it as well. But I have never used a remote for my camera, so I guess I have to figure out how that works 🙂


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