March 19, 2014

Weekend Show in Rolla

It’s not very often that I get to drive to a show with Todd, so when I found out that he was playing in Rolla, MO (less than a 2 hour drive) I was pretty happy to be able to tag along for the 24 hour trip. We drove up late on Friday night and had just enough time to grab some vending machine snacks and snuggle in for a few late night sitcoms before falling asleep at the hotel.

Being the wife of the talent, I don’t have to show up for soundcheck in the morning so I chose to sleep in instead. Todd was sweet enough to take my breakfast order before we went to bed and he brought me up a waffle before he left (which I ate in bed watching SpongeBob SquarePants and then promptly went back to sleep until he returned). Boo-ya!It’s always fun to hang out with other wives/babies of the other guys, so it was great to spend some time with Stacy and Scarlett King and see how grown up little Scarlett is becoming—so cute! I think she’s taking to me really well because I have long blonde hair like her pretty Mamma.I guess it was the town’s St. Patty’s Day event all that day and you could tell a parade had gone through the main street that morning. It was littered with all sorts of streamers, confetti, and little bits of trash. That sight coupled with the large amount of very excited people all dressed in odd clothing combinations (and all green) made it feel a bit like the aftermath of a mini apocalypse and I had the sense that people were going to start looting at any moment. Thankfully, they left the glass store panes in tact and settled for some good music instead. Phew.

The weather was simply perfect for an outdoor venue this time of year—sunny and warm, but not too hot with a nice breeze. Everything you want in an outdoor show. We headed home after the meet and greet and we spent a major sleeping in session Sunday morning to avoid the stupid ice and snow that was happening outside. Little Mac was more than happy to join in for the last few hours. All and all, it was good to see Todd play and spend some time together, I’m always glad to be reminded of his talents and why we live the life we do. Hopefully it won’t be so long between the next time I can go out again!signature

9 thoughts on “Weekend Show in Rolla

  1. Julia

    Oh my! I live in Rolla!! Haha what a coincidence 🙂 But I do not partake in the St. Pats day madness so I went out of town bummer!

  2. Alexa

    Fun to see into your life as a band wife. Exciting little world you live in, so cool to have a little peek into it, and I love your style.



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