April 1, 2014

A Forever Kind of Love

Ours is a forever kind of love. The kind of love that involves hand-holding while skipping through flower fields, sharing all pasta Lady & The Tramp style, drinking our liquids with the wedding toast interlocked arms posture…you know, all the good stuff. I’ve asked Todd for years to get a tattoo featuring yours truly, and since he still refuses, I thought I would get one myself to get the ball rolling and immortalize my feelings for this big dummy. So far I love it! I totally see a cat-themed sleeve on the other arm in my near future….here’s to my first (of many) tattoos!signature

13 thoughts on “A Forever Kind of Love

  1. Katie

    Haha this is brilliant! Laura, I am a brand new follower to your blog and I am so excited. I have loved reading your posts on ABM and yay cat lovers! So glad to follow along and get to know you better. Have a fabulous weekend!


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