May 12, 2014

Happy Purrr-thday to Me!

May is a pretty fun month in our house because both Todd and I are May birthday babies (his is on the 18th and mine is on the 7th). Since our birthdays are so close, every so often we do a joint birthday party and have everyone over at once to celebrate both occasions. I decided about six months ago that this year I wanted to do a cat theme for the party and I’ve been so excited about it ever since.
Iย added some paper ears and painted kitty faces on some giant balloons and I think they turned out so cute!I’ve had my eye on this cat balloon for years (for reals!) and I knew this was the perfect excuse to get it. It made me laugh so much I definitely want one every year now! I just love how he quietly bounces on his little accordion legs while he smiles away at nothing…what a cute little doofus.
If you haven’t had the special privilege of making (or tasting!) a littler box cake, then you’re totally missing out. It looks so real, and so gross, but it makes us laugh so hard and I love seeing people”s reaction to it. Of course, you use a new litter box and scoop and don’t leave it out where you cats might get confused! It looks so real it’s scary…I used a giant (new!) food dispenser to serve goldfish crackers in and I printed a Friskies cat food label and put it around a big tin can full of chicken ball spread.ย Yes!!I found these adorable cupcake wrappers for the party, the black and grey one looks just like Mac! I also made these wild cat cake stands just for the occasion. We had some pretty cute babies at our party and we all took turns passing them around and stealing them from each other (this little cutie is Brooklyn).We both wore our favorite cat shirts (although I have more than he does, so it was hard for me to choose just one). I’m sure his favorite part of the party was playing yard games with the rest of the dudes. At one point they had three game going simultaneous in horizontal strips all the way across the yard: horseshoes, washers, and bocce ball!My pal Katie’s daughter, Poesy, helped entertain the balloon cat she appropriately named “Orangey” by taking him for some much needed exercise. You can see how happy they both are with the arrangement…

Shoes: Steve Madden c/o LuLu’s, Shorts: Forever 21, Shirt: Forever 21, Kitty Ears: RockNRoll Bride

Walking Orangey looked like so much fun that I had to take a turn as well and watch him bounce along on his paper legs. The best!! Of course our real cats were at the party too, but Charlie is too shy for that much company (and was recovering from a stupid ol’ dumb stray cat that bit her last week) so Mac had to make up for her absence by trying to eat any unattended snacks and sporadically running into the middle of the bocce ball court. He loved it.

We had so much fun that it can only be described as the purrr-fect party as far as we are concerned. Me-OW!

xo. Laura

19 thoughts on “Happy Purrr-thday to Me!

  1. Meagan

    I’m not gonna lie, purrthday party reminds me of Purd Haply from parks and recs… Also, I would kill to throw a good theme party! I’ve not been able to focus on a party like that in a long time! It looks like so much fun, and you did a great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kristina

    Oh my goodness!!! What a genius theme for a birthday party! I’ve been a dog person my entire life but a year or so ago I got my first cat and I’ve been totally obsessed since. I absolutely love the big white kitty balloons! Happy Birthday to the two of you!!


  3. Ashley

    The boyfriend & I are totally cat people too, and I definitely feel we need to have a cat-themed party soon! GREAT IDEA!!! (PS, I just bought those shoes — so cute!)

    – Ashley


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