October 2, 2014

Seeing Red

For some of you, wearing red is no big deal. It’s just another color (or maybe even your favorite color) on the color wheel, no better or worse than blue or green. For me, wearing red is a big fat deal. I never buy or wear red anything. It just doesn’t feel right to me. In fact, I don’t own one single piece of red clothing—well, except for this dress. I’ve had a few friends start to peer pressure me towards red over the past few years by buttering me up and saying how “good it would look on me” or how well it would go with my blonde hair. Until now I’ve resisted. Until now I’ve been strong. But then I saw this dress and for some unknown reason instead of saying, “Hmm, I wonder if that comes in blue…”, I thought, “Yeah. I could do that.” Oh the times, they are a changin’…                         Dress/Forever 21, Bag/c/o Lulu’s, Shoes/Forever 21, Bracelet/Gift

Also, side note, I have to mention that if you are in the market for a new bra, I think I may have a lifesaving tip for you. I have the worst time finding bras, and as such, I have quite the ratty collection of a particular bra that Victoria’s Secret discontinued several years ago (I bought 4 of them before they disappeared because I was terrified they were the last bra I would ever like). The lingerie brand THIRDLOVE recently contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to try one of their bras and I told them sure, but only if they were willing to send several bras and different sizes back and forth with only about a 1% chance of any of them working out. They agreed and sent me a few sizes in their 24/7 memory foam t-shirt bra and the first one I tried on fit perfectly. I was stunned. I felt like Princess Charming that had found her Cinderfella bra prince. Or whatever. I’m going to buy it in black as well because I love it so much and I can totally see a future for us.

Maybe you don’t care about buying bras, but if you also have a tough time finding the perfect fit, you understand it’s a big deal. Just had to let you know about it.

Anyways, I’m curious to see if this red dress ignites a passion for more red in my wardrobe, or if this is a one-time-ordeal. Basically, I enjoyed our first date, but I’m not sure if there will be a second date yet. I’ll have to see if red and I are marriage material, or just better off as casual friends…signature

11 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. sasha

    lol, this is the first post i’ve seen dedicated to the fist time a person wore a color. then a bra plug. blogs are funny.

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Ha ha, well both events of me wearing red and a freaking bra actually fitting me were big deals at our house. I believe dancing was involved for both!


  2. Maria Michalowski

    Maybe your foray into red has to do with getting *older* 😀 THANK YOU for the bra tip. I recently spent an entire Saturday morning, in three stores, without “luck”. SOOO frustrating! I absolutely HATE bra shopping.

  3. Sandy

    You look fantastic! Glowing. So, I have to ask about your skin care. Do you use a tinted lotion? What are your favorite skin products?

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Oh, thanks! I think in this picture I have my bare minerals powder, I really like it 🙂


  4. Sarah

    That is so weird! I never wear red either! And I’m blonde with blue eyes and I hear that it looks good on me. I shouldn’t say never as I bought a red blazer last Winter.

    That dress does look great!

  5. Brittney Lawson

    I’m a blondie with a hate for red too! Pink is my favourite and that doesn’t go with red… so alas, no red in my wardrobe or house! It’s a phobia I swear.


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