April 21, 2015

Will You Be My Boyfriend Jeans?

Man, this one was really a surprise to me. Apparently I not only like boyfriend jeans, but I think I “like” like them. Like, wanna pass them a note asking them to go to the homecoming dance with me sort of thing. I’ve tried on a couple of pairs to see how I felt about the whole trend, but I always looked like one of the ladies in the Mom Jeans SNL commercial. The waist was too high, the hips too puffy. All I needed was the patchwork quilted vest and a minivan and I was set. However, I saw these jeans and I was actually much more interested in the shredded quality than anything else, so I thought I’d give them a try. Just another case of a good cut and fit making all the difference in a category—I loved them! They aren’t for every occasion (and you do have to be a bit more specific with the shoe choices), but I’ve been wearing them for four days straight and I think we have a good thing going. The slightly dropped waist and looser fit just feels so more relaxed than a super tight jean legging and it’s a nice change for sure.
                     Jeans/Forever 21, Jacket/BCBG, Top/Forever 21, Shoes/Shoe Mint

It’s definitely true that some clothing categories will always be a firm no for me (anything navy blue, nautical themed, or loafers), but it is fun to broaden the horizons a bit from time to time and let a new pair of jeans into my heart. Come on in boyfriend jeans, the door is now wide open!

xo. Laura

7 thoughts on “Will You Be My Boyfriend Jeans?

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      It’s just wanting to be black so bad, but it’s not. It’s not blue either. It’s the ugly sister color to me….

      Laura 🙂


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