March 31, 2016
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Favorite Hanging and Floor Planters!


Since now you guys know all my secrets for keeping cats away from your houseplants I thought I’d do a little round-up of my favorite planters, plant stands, and hanging planters! If you are ever searching for a plant stand online, make sure to look for “end tables” or “side tables” as well since those types of small tables work just as well for holding plants that are already potted in a container. I have the coffee table version of number 1 above and I just love it. I’m also dreaming about number 9 for my back patio. The whole area needs a makeover really bad. It’s so boring back there at the moment…

Hanging plants and wall planters are one of my favorite things to add into rooms and get some of that greenery up high! The gold bowl planters I made are similar to the first hanging planter (although I like how thick those chains are on the UO one) and I have a couple of number 5 that I’m going to put in my kitchen soon. They make smaller versions as well and they look really good in a grouping.

Hope you found some plant options for your wish list as well! Happy planting!signature2 copy

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