June 7, 2016

3 Ways To Travel In Style: Part 2!

In case you missed Part One of this series, I’m teaming up with Naturalizer to create a few looks for their new Kail slip-on style as I do some summer travel around the country. Last time I showed you how I styled the shoes for a weekend trip back to our previous home of Springfield, MO, but this time I made the look a little more sleek on a trip back to my original hometown of Pittsburgh, PA for my little brother’s wedding. Wedding trips are full of so many fun events (especially when you are also in the wedding also like I was) so you really have to be prepared for all sorts of scenarios. A dressy skirt with a crisp t-shirt is a great choice so you won’t be under (or over) dressed for most any occasion.

These comfy slip-ons ended up being my main shoe choice for the whole weekend (a nice break from the tall wedding heels) and I like that the sleek leather-look of the shoe pairs so well with the high-waisted leather skirt. Like I said before, high-waisted items are great with flats because it helps your legs look even longer than usual!

I was certainly so glad to have the cushy sole of the Kail as I ran from event to event all weekend—what a life saver! I have to say that seeing my little brother get married was a little bit more of an emotional experience for me than I would have guessed, but we love his wife Sarah so much and are so happy for them! They just spent two weeks in Europe for their honeymoon and I can’t wait to hear all the stories from their trip. Hopefully she had some good walking shoes too!!

xo. Laura

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