June 23, 2016

White Hot Summer

Is there any other article of clothing that screams “SUMMER!” more than a flowing short white dress?? I don’t know what the temps are where you live lately, but here in the Music City it’s been flirting between 90-100 and let me tell you that it is not a dry heat y’all! I think the humidity was a big surprise for me when we moved last July. I mean, I know it’s not desert climate, and I’m used to the summer stickiness that PA and MO get, but this is a whole different level for me! It’s totally that wet hot blanket feeling every time I’ve stepped outside this week, so dressing in a light and breezy manner has been good for the old internal temperature as well as the soul.

Todd just happens to be home for a few days right now (it’s the only break of his 3 month long summer tour with Twenty One Pilots) so I teamed up with one of my favorite sites Lulus to find the perfect white summer date dress to wear while he’s home. Since we only have limited time together we are trying to make the most of every moment we can this weekend! Thankfully I can trot around in this easy-breezy number to brunch, coffee dates, or whatever comes up!

Dress/Bag/Shoes/Rings/Sunnies all c/o of LuLus

Of course, we don’t usually do that fancy of dates, but it’s nice to at least feel a little fancy while we make up for lost time. I always have a million saved things to tell him so I basically don’t stop talking for days when he comes home! Do you guys have any good summer date suggestions for us? What do you usually like to do when it’s hot? Make sure to check out LuLus if you still need to find your perfect white dress for summer! signature2 copy

8 thoughts on “White Hot Summer

  1. Kendra

    How cute! I am in need of a new white dress for summer, so I think I may have to look for something like this 🙂 PS those shoes are to die!

  2. LRS

    Love this and love you! Wondering what kind of bra you wore under this? I find it really hard to have a good bra for under white to hold up my mamas! xo

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Oh man, I hate strapless bras! I don’t even know what that one is, I’ve had it forever! I get my regular bras from Third Love though, love those!

      Laura 🙂


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