June 19, 2016
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Like Father, Like Daughter…

Happy Father’s Day! As the years go on I can see more and more how I am exactly a combination of traits from both my Mom and my Dad and I can pick out very specifically which one comes from which. Here are a few characteristics that have Ron Blumer written all over them…

-wanting the house cleaned on Friday so that you can enjoy it over the weekend
-eating healthy most of the time so you can splurge and get that pizza with no guilt
-worrying about anything and everything like nobody’s business
-a fondness for driving around nice neighborhoods just to “oooh” and “ahhh” over pretty houses
-the ability to be perfectly content alone in your house for a week and then immediately switch to being a social butterfly at a party
-a love for learning (about pretty much anything)

And last but not least

-all you want in life is just to have a long coffee date with your spouse/best friend

(I’m the one on the left with two fingers in my mouth in the top photo and fishing in the yellow dress above). So many reasons why my dad is simply the best! Happy Father’s Day!

xo. Laura

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