March 29, 2017

My Palm Springs Themed Baby Shower!

YAYYY!! I finally get to show you guys my baby shower today!! Elsie has literally been asking me for years what I wanted my baby shower theme to be but I couldn’t decide until I was actually pregnant so I had a big decision to make this fall. I thought long and hard about a cat-themed shower, but technically I had a kitty birthday party about 3 years ago so I felt like I’d already done that relatively recently. Besides cats, what else am I really into these days? A Palm Springs and cactus theme it is then!

There was a whole flock of cutie flamingos waiting to greet us as we walked in the front door. I figured they had just come out for the party, but knowing Elsie they may actually live there year round now!What a hostess! I know she worked so hard to put it all together and I really loved every detail… The cupcakes, cake, and cookies were literally over the top amazing!! Leeuw Bake Shop did such a fantastic job and I heard her husband even made a custom cookie vintage car cookie cutter just for the shower—what dedication! And they were delicious too. I took home as many leftovers as I could and continued to eat them over the next few days… A lot of ladies opted to leave the babes at home with their husbands to enjoy a girl’s afternoon out since it was a girls shower but we still got to have a visit from the King girls (sweet Scarlett above) and my baby buddy Jack was there to represent the kid group. I know Scarlett was really excited to come to the shower anyways (she’s one of our main kid buddies that we love) but I think the mounds of cookies and sugar being served really helped make it extra exciting!I loved hearing all the Mom Advice when opening presents like, “Ohhh, we LOVE those wipes!” or “You’ll use that all the time!” and that sort of thing. Since it was girls only I got to hear some honest tips that maaay not have been said aloud if the boys were there, and that was part of the idea so I was happy they felt free to speak up!
Stuffing my face with cookies in between greeting friends! Seriously though, how beautiful is that cake!?! My cutie mom is still deciding what she wants to be called for her new role as Grandma. I think “Nana” is in the lead at the moment, which I think is really sweet, but we’ll see what she decides!
I felt so fortunate to have my Mom, sister-in-law Sarah, and a few more members of my family come down from Pittsburgh to attend the shower as well as two of my college gal pals Bethany and Hillary. It was so fun to see my family, old friends, and new Nashville buds all in the same space supporting our new adventure—we are going to need all the help we can get!For all those of you asking on Instagram, this is the pink suede dress I wore to the shower (these are my heels) and it’s not a maternity dress so anyone can wear it! It’s was a great find because it’s really comfortable and stretchy—obviously!! I’ve also sworn by this shapewear throughout my pregnancy for tighter dresses, sooo anytime you’ve seen me in a body con, that’s definitely been on underneath.

Even though it was a “girls only shower”, there were a few husbands and dude friends that hung out in the basement during most of the party playing xbox and drinking miller lite and whiskey from what I heard. Very different vibe from upstairs, but I’m sure they liked it that way! Overall we feel so blessed to have such a great support system as we move into this next big phase of life, can’t wait to introduce Bebe to everyone soon!

xo. Laura

Photos by: Elsie Larson, Sarah Blumer, and Laura Gummerman

11 thoughts on “My Palm Springs Themed Baby Shower!

  1. Sarah Bloomer

    Well they say “it takes a village” and it looks like you’ve got yourself a good one! Love you, sista from another mista

    P.s. Does that mean my suggestion to call your parents PP and Poo got vetoed?!

  2. Love, auntie beth

    I loved seeing these photos!!! I knew every detail would be unique and fun! I want to get in the naming of the gparents…..I thinking GPa and babycakes!!?……or Deda and Shenana……( she she and nana combo)….. Can’t wait to see everyone in action one the bummer baby hits the baby runway!!

      1. Auntie beth

        Great hearing from you……loved getting your thank you card ( already, wow). Concerning the shoes, I get the little cutie tennis shoes from her favorite physical education teacher…but knew they had to o be glamorous, not jockish!

  3. Kristin Nakken

    Wow, what a beautiful baby shower! 🙂 I just loved having my close friends and family over and celebrating me and our baby at our baby shower -it means so much! 😉 so fun to share tips and hear story from other moms 🙂 you look beautiful by the way!

  4. Tessa

    What a wonderful shower!! You looked beautiful, as the whole party. Everything is so thought out well. Perfectly styled, love it.
    Was the shower a surprise? Or did you know the date and everything? Did you help organising? I’m just curious! 🙂 (I’m pregnant now (13 weeks) and love to get involved in my own babyshower. But it feels a bit weird, it’s suppose to be a surprise. I’m told. )

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Aw, thank you!! As far as I know it’s more common to know the date of the shower than to not, but some are surprises so I guess it just depends! Elsie asked me what I wanted as a theme and I would ask someone that if I was throwing them a shower but I don’t think that always happens either. Hope you have a grat shower as well, congrats!

      Laura 🙂


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