June 10, 2017

Family (of 3) Photos!

Just wanted to share some sweet family photos we took now that we are a family of 3—still so crazy to me! My gal pal Elsie came over to take some pics before Lola grows out of that newborn phase and I love how they turned out. Is there anything cuter than a newborn yawning?? I didn’t think so…                                                   Dress/ Forever 21 (similar here)
Isn’t she an absolute doll? She definitely looks more like Todd at the moment with her dark hair and blue eyes which is totally fine by me! The most “Laura” feature that she has so far is the way she constantly furrows her little brow to look worried all the time which is something I’ve been doing from birth as well—it’s written down in my baby calendar as proof! Can’t wait to see who she really looks like as she grows but I certainly won’t be mad if those pretty blue eyes stay that way!

3 thoughts on “Family (of 3) Photos!

  1. Drummer's Wife

    So cuuuuute!!! We got to meet Todd again at Bunbury in Cincinnati (well worth the drive from Idaho!!) We would love to meet you, too!! Thank Todd and the other guys for the music, and thank you for this sweet blog! Such a cute family!!! 😀


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