June 14, 2017
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Postpartum Shopping Wishlist

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There are SO many new things to get used to in the 4th trimester of pregnancy besides having a new baby in the house. The mood swings, the tired days and nights, and the changes in your body as you recover from the 9 months you just spent pregnant as well as the birth experience. I’d been too busy at the end of my pregnancy to think about what I really wanted my postpartum style to be afterwards but I figured there might be some changes to what I would normally choose based on how my body looked and felt after baby. Now that I’m on the other side of that, I have been noticing that I want more of certain types of styles based on how I’m feeling and I thought I’d share a few of my favorite finds with you so far. I’m a big fan of tall heels but if we are out with Lola I’m a little uncomfortable carrying her with shoes that high so I’ve been wearing shorter chunky-heeled strappy sandals instead. They are perfect because I get a little height and still feel a bit more put together than a flat sandal but I don’t worry about tripping or falling if I’m holding her. I’ve also decided that high-waisted shorts and jeans are definitely the right move for me for this season of life with the postpartum belly- they are like wearing a support girdle if you get a good fit and they help define more of a waist as well (I wore this support girdle for a month after birth, so helpful, and I’ve been wearing this one out since it’s much slimmer under clothing). Since I’m snapping up high-waisted bottoms, I’ve been looking for cute crop tops as well and I love the tops that have knots tied in them (or I just tie one myself if it’s a longer shirt). A few button-up shirts seem like a good idea for nursing access (those can be easy to tie into knots as well and make them into crop tops) and I’ll always love easy casual dresses and jumpers for summer. Thankfully, I know that accessories like fun sunglasses will still fit me just right and I thought a small cute fanny pack might be good to take some essentials in when I don’t want to take my whole purse and the diaper bag. I’ve managed one trip to the mall so far and while it was more exhausting than usual to be sure, it felt really good as well to get a few items that made me feel cute and like my old self again. Gotta get that mojo back one day at a time!

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