October 16, 2017

Bébé in Grey Wishlist

While it was really fun shopping for baby clothes before Lola was born, I actually like looking for items now that she’s here even better. For example, I couldn’t know before she was born that based on her skin tone she doesn’t look her best in yellow but teals and blues really bring out her eyes. She also looks really good in grey and white so I thought I’d do a little shopping in the grey category for some more fall oriented pieces for her. Here’s what I found:

1. I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of matching two piece outfits and I love this heather grey material
2. Ugh, this coat kills me!! This would be so cute with white boots too
3. Lola does’t have a lot of dresses that are super girly but this one is a good mix between kind of casual and a little bit dressy (could go either way depending on accessories)
4. Pom pom skirt!! GAH!
5. She has a few pairs of these skinny jeggings already and I like them so much I’ve already bought several colors in the next size up!
6. Space cat onesie for the win!
7. Little moccasins look so cute on her and these are a great (warmer) version for winter
8. This Stella McCartney jacket is precious buuut way too pricy for a baby! Could get the same feel with this jacket and some cute iron on patches
9. Oh man, the ruffle on this knitted onesie are just too sweet! Would be cute with tall socks or leggings too
10. This zip up jogger onesie would be really cute with tiny tennis shoes for a trip to the park
11. …and in the same category I really want my own fitted sweatsuit duo so I think that’s why I like this one so much (and you can use the pieces separately too)
12. I can’t wait until her head is big enough to wear these tiny turbans and have her little bangs poke out the front (will be so cute with round sunnies too)
13. Furry vests!!! Definitely going to have a few of these in different colors. Love the diagonal sections on this one

It’s not the easiest finding or getting out to places that sell baby clothes so I’m a big online shopper for sure. It’s nice that you can also mix grey items with just about anything so you can always pair them with a pop of color to accessorize too. Hope you found something good in Lola’s wishlist for your little one!

xo. Laura

6 thoughts on “Bébé in Grey Wishlist

  1. Drummer's Wife

    Wish I could upload a screenshot, but seriously just hours after I read this blog post, on Facebook I saw THE CUTEST picture of Todd holding Lola, both of them looking off-camera with the same confused look! (What am I saying, it probably came from your Instagram in the first place ?) (I don’t have Instagram ?)

  2. april

    I had to add that pom pom tutu to my random amazon list even though I only currently have a boy hahaha! I may have to buy it in hopes of the future 🙂


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