April 8, 2018

Donut Date!

Just wanted to share a few pics we took last week during an afternoon donut run! We only have 2-3 matching Mommy/Daughter options (and it’s about to be too warm for our leopard coats) so I thought we should wear our pink overalls out since it was a nice spring day. I found matching Beatles shirts a few weeks ago so that will be fun to wear when she grows into hers since we listen to them a lot on our neighborhood walks around town. Anyways, back to donuts! Five Daughters Bakery is an awesome spot if you are ever in Nashville (this is the East Nashville one) and I highly recommend the maple donut as well as their vegan donut options as well. Her face cracks me up in this picture. “Dad!! Did you see all the options they have here??!!!”        Mama: Overalls/ROMWE (I hemmed mine BTW!), Boots/Public Desire, Bodysuit/Popana
Baby: Overalls/H&M (similar), Shirt/Maple Clothing, Shoes/Lahuni

She’s so precious you guys, my heart literally hurts most of the time we are together. I promised her she could have a donut bite of her own in a month or two! Trying to keep the sugar as low as possible, especially during her first year, but I know that we will go out for treat dates now and then and that’s ok with me too 😉

xo. Laura

8 thoughts on “Donut Date!

  1. Sara

    You girls are so precious! Real talk: how do you manage to wear such short skirts? I’ve always wondered this about your adorable Marsha Brady style dresses, especially with a baby, I just had to ask. And Elsie wears them too! I’ve tried a few super short styles before, and simply reaching in a cupboard or picking something up makes the breeze flow a little too close for comfort. Any tips?

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Ha! It’s not that easy, in fact I think I need to take the hem down on that one a bit even though it hurts my heart to do it! Or just save them for non-baby dates 🙂


  2. Jacqueline Castimore

    You both are the cutest in those matching overalls! I only have one matching outfit for my daughter and I to wear together. Now, after seeing you and Lola match, I’m gonna need to get on buying some more matching stuff. lol


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