May 22, 2018

Whatever Lola Wants

For obvious reasons, that photo above is one of my favorites of all time! She’s just too delicious for words! I linked those overalls in the last “Whatever Lola Wants” and I did have to hem them a little since she’s a bit shorter than average (like her Mama) but I did it with a large stitch so I can let them down later as she gets taller since they are pretty stretchy too. Since it’s been waaay hotter than you would think for May we’ve jumped rather quickly to summer clothes recently, so here’s what I’ve been loving for her lately:

This sunhat is sooo cute on her but it was giant (probably better for 2 year old) so I have to send it back! Since I definitely need a hat that ties if I want any chance of her keeping it on, I’m going to try this one next!

-Just bought this sewing pattern to make some baby summer rompers! I’m hoping to go really good at it so I can make a couple in one sitting rather quickly.

-It’s been a little tough finding sandals that don’t get in her way while she’s trying to walk, but I think I’m going to give these a try! Ohh, actually, lemme add these on too….

-I still love prints like this and the sleeveless romper may be a good option for indoor summer air conditioning situations.

-Babies with bell sleeves?? Yes please.

-Lola got some pretty great gifts from my family this past weekend for her birthday: I can’t wait to use this in the pool, put her in this romper, and she’s been using this swing outside for a few weeks now and she laughs so hard when we swing her!

-It’s getting too hot for Lola to wear long sleeve footed pajamas to bed so I think I need to get her some shorter summer pajamas so she doesn’t overheat at night.

I love that she can cruise around the house in just a onesie or a diaper with the warmer weather. There’s something about seeing a baby in the grass in bare feet and just a diaper that makes me feel like we live on a farm and I kind of love it! Of course I love to put her in cute outfits, but we also went to the thrift store recently to snag some play clothes that can get as dirty as Lola wants to be (which is usually pretty dirty actually!) and I think that was a pretty good decision. Let kids be kids, right?

xo. Laura

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