May 31, 2018

Lola Turns One!

I still can’t believe that earlier this month our little Lola turned one! When they talk about the “days are long but the years are short” when it comes to babies it really is so true. I think the first year is especially that way since it’s such a tough season and I can totally see that she looks different in pictures that are only a few weeks old—they grow up so fast and it’s a terrible and wonderful process to behold. Lola was born on my birthday, as you may recall from her birth story, but we mostly celebrated her on our actual birthday (and I took the birthday night after she went to bed!) and then waited a few weeks to do more celebrating with my family when they came into town for a joint birthday celebration. As you can see above, I didn’t go overboard with the decor for the official party like my brain would normally like to, but I couldn’t help buying some special balloons and a few cute items for the table (and her balloons matched her rainbow romper so well!).

Since we wanted to wait until the bigger party to do the whole cake/candles thing, we counted down to her birth time (12:34 pm—easy number to remember!) on May 7th and it was actually pretty fun! I think we may do that every year now. She was a little unsure of the confetti since she’s never seen any before, but she just kept picking it up over and over so I think she liked it. Birthday girls!

When we finally did a full celebration two weeks later, we added in Todd since his birthday is May 18th for a full Gummerman family birthday party. We took a weekend outing with my fam to 12 South, a lively outdoor area in town, and did some shopping and got donuts for our official party later that night. Chasing around a toddler in full summer heat and humidity is no joke you guys! It’s extra exhausting! I love that romper on Lola— the tassels are so sweet! Those sandals are nice and grippy (is that a word?) for toddler walking as well…(my heart sunnies are from here).

I made Lola a mini cake out of watermelon decorated with blueberries and kiwi and I think we discovered she doesn’t like watermelon which was so surprising to me! She loves all things sweet so that was a shock. I’m going to try it again soon to see if she changes her mind…

Todd got a crazy birthday candle for us girls and it was pretty amazing—you can tell by my reaction that I was pretty impressed! Lola, on the other hand, just keeps eating her fruit unfazed…haha!! He bought a pack of 3 so I guess we can be amazed two more years in a row. Happy birthday Lola, we love you so much!!

xo. Laura

6 thoughts on “Lola Turns One!

  1. Drummer's Wife

    Awesome! What an amazing candle! I love all of Lola’s cute outfits! I also love your Beatles tank:-) I love how the balloons match the gold accents in your house! What fun birthday celebrations 🙂

  2. Sabrina

    Dear Laura, it had been such precious to share with you yoir pregnancy and then Lola’s first year. My son is born one month after her so it’s funny to see the differences between them and as a New mom i appreciated the tips you share with us (i m using cloth diaper too, nursing, interrested on baby led weaning even if it didn’t work very well here…)
    Could you maybe write an article about Lola’s sleep and vive some advice? My baby use to sleep very well until 8 month ans since it depends on weeks… But nap Time became difficult… Some tips from a Mum tout another ??
    Kisses from France ?

  3. Amber

    My daughter was born on my birthday too, she’ll be 2 in October!!! I think it’s just amazing wonderful special; we started the tradition to go out of town just the 4 of us, for a fall weekend on the beach- hayrides, pumpkin and apple picking, wine festival and then have a party for her the following weekend. For her first b-day, we did a pink pigs theme with gold ( champagne for me 😉


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