June 18, 2018

Whatever Lola Wants

Summer is in full swing and we are lining up some fun trips to see family and friends in the next few months while the summer vibes are flowing. My brain is all tangled up in baby sandals, rompers, and swimsuits for Lola, and I loooove it!

-I find it’s not the best idea to have only one lightweight sleep sack for Lola since there are so many times when it’s in the wash and it’s bedtime/naptime and I have to dig out her winter one (that she’s also pretty much outgrown) to use as a backup. I ordered this one this week so hopefully that problem is solved! I just wish these pajamas would fit her!

-Ordered these now that her hair is long enough for a clip or two!

These have been great for outdoor sandals (Lola’s wearing them in the photo above) since I can literally wash them off in the sink if they get dirty. I also have these waiting for her when her feet grow a bit more—hopefully they will fit by the end of summer!

-The back of this jacket is amazing!!

-Are these close enough to match mine?

-We use these cups with Lola for water, but I wanted to get her some sippy cup type bottles to wean her off of having to give her soy milk in a regular bottle so I’m trying this glass bottle (with this lid) instead. For whatever reason, while she does drink water out of the 360 cups periodically throughout the day, we can’t really use those yet for something that we really want her to totally finish like she would with a bottle so maybe the sippy cup will be a good transition.

-This is not something that Lola wants at all, but Mom needs to order more of these for the house. I keep thinking maybe she’ll lose interest in opening drawers and doors, but she’s not! I’m just losing my mind instead having to put everything back in every cabinet after she’s been in a room…

-Wish I had time to order this dress for a wedding we are going to this weekend!

-I bought Lola a romper similar to this last summer and she outgrew it so fast she only got to wear it once—maybe I can get a second chance with this one? So cute!

-This rashguard is perfection! Although this one comes with a matching hat!

I figure I’ll wait to see if we ever go to a beach to look for a matching Mommy/Daughter swimsuit kind of a thing. I know several people that drive to Rosemary Beach and they adore it there so we’ve been thinking about when we could make that happen…have you ever been?

xo. Laura

4 thoughts on “Whatever Lola Wants

  1. RG

    Hi! My daughter is just a few weeks younger than yours, so it’s fascinating to see any posts where you discuss her changing wants and needs ? Did Lola wean herself? Mine still nurses a little and still has her special “daddy bottle” before bed but she’s losing interest in that! I guess we will have to come up with another special thing for the two of them!
    Oh and I was wondering if you’ve needed to change your cloth routine at all? For the past few months of overnights I have been adding a secondary bamboo insert in my bumgenius but I think for the next baby I may get a few fitteds & covers.

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Hi! My milk dried up a few months ago unfortunately so we just do organic soy milk now and we haven’t had to add more inserts so I don’t think she’s a heavy wetter (although sometimes she leaks through on occasion) 🙂


  2. Drummer's Wife

    Those locks are magical! :-O And the french braids and heart glasses and all the baby clothes are TOO CUTE! 😀


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