July 16, 2018

Whatever Lola Wants

Look at that stylish Baby Elton John—what a cutie! She’s got every color of the Oui Fresh toddler sunnies, so she’s quite the spoiled baby these days! And that gold swimsuit?? Girlfriend is killing it (according to her Mom anyways!). Here’s what else I’ve been loving for her:

-We’ve been making lots of popsicles for Lola in these this summer (so nice to find some non-plastic ones too) out of green smoothies and it’s a great way to get her to have some greens since she’s not a huge fan of just eating them alone. They are also a great thing to give a teething baby so I think that’s another reason she likes them so much as they help soothe her irritated molars.

-I’m not always a huge lace person, but I think Lola would be so cute in this look

-Trying to find some non-plastic sippy cup options since we weaned off the baby bottle/bottle nipple and I’m looking at giving these a try. I did get one of these tops to fit their corresponding glass baby bottle, and while I do like that you can put an insert in the bottle to restrict the flow if they drink liquid too fast, the first top broke within a few moments of her having it since she has to hurl everything to the floor (especially if she’s upset because she’d rather have a regular bottle). They come two in a pack, but I was still hoping they’d be a little less fragile.

This is definitely in my cart for cooler summer nights.

-I’ve been thinking about getting her something like this to play with in our den. She may be a little small for it now, but she loves opening doors and moving items from one spot to another, so I think she would at least like to unpack all the play food items in it even if she doesn’t quite know what cooking is yet!

-I wish this fit her for a pool coverup! And she can wear this underneath to swim…I thought I had found the cutest rashguard ever last episode, but I think this may have topped it!

-Speaking of swimsuits, this site has so many Mom/Baby swimsuits and I LOVE IT! This is my top contender so far for sure…

-I don’t think they have summer disco parties for babies, but if they did I would definitely dress her in this and take her to one!

-This little embroidered top would be so cute with a striped diaper cover underneath.

We are taking Lola to the “beach” this week with my family. It’s actually Lake Erie in Pennsylvania, not quite the Caribbean, but it’s close enough! We used to go there all the time as kids and I haven’t been back since so it will be fun to share that memory with Miss Lola in tow. Now, I just need to fit a sand bucket and pail into my carry on…

xo. Laura

6 thoughts on “Whatever Lola Wants

  1. Andrea

    I wish boys clothes and accessories were this cute. I’ve found one or two things for my son, but most things seem to be boring and only come in grey or blue.

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Aw man, yes, boy stuff is harder! Try and look up Studio DIY’s clothing recommendations, she dresses her toddler son so cute and very colorfully!

      Laura 🙂

  2. Erica

    We only used the green sprouts sippy cups with our two boys. Started around 7 months and the three year old and 18 month old still use them. It’s glass surrounded by plastic and they have been hurled over and over again, often from great heights. Ha!


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