July 30, 2018

Summer Beach Day!

Who is that teenager above that we took to the beach!? What a big girl! We visited my Pittsburgh family last weekend for a rare summer time visit (usually we are there in winter for Christmas) and while we had a classic Pittsburgh weather pattern of at least some rain everyday, we still got in some fun activities before (and during!) the showers. We took Lola to Lake Erie so that she could have some beach time and it was pretty clear rather quickly that she was having the time of her life! The sand, the waves, the seagulls, the endless supply of crackers and fruit my Mom brought—happy girl!! Lola’s sweet suit is so adorable! I just wish I had known that the darker colored lake sand would get intertwined with the suit fabric and create small spots all over her suit that make it look perpetually dirty—anyone know how to get that out?? It’s probably good that I didn’t see this suit before the trip or I don’t think I could have stopped myself—and it has a matching cap? Too cute.

Aaaaand you guys I know have seen me a ton in those heart sunnies this summer. I actually tried to order the tan/nude color to take with me on the trip before I left but I didn’t quite get the order in in time so they were waiting for me when I got back—oh well! Definitely my piece of the summer. That’s my brother Joel in the pink trunks (I love that he reps pink—his blogger wife has taught him well). It’s ok, you can say it, we look nothing alike and we know it! People have thought my sister and I were twins at certain ages, but no one has every thought Joel was related to me—ha!! Aren’t those high-waisted striped bottoms so cute on Aunt Sarah? (similar here) They also had matching sunnies as well to catapult them into the cuteness hall of fame.We ordered this beach tent for the trip and it was totally worth it! It pops up in a snap and closes again quickly (although you may want to rinse the sand out and dry before storing for the off season). We played cards in it for a while while we had some lighter pop up showers on the beach while everyone else scurried for the tree line or their cars and at one point we had 5 adults and one toddler in it (although we were sitting very close together, but, hey, we’re family!).

I also took this coverup tee for the swim sessions (super comfy! I’ll wear it around the house for sure too). I ordered this palm one but if felt a little too fancy for the lake so I left it at home but I’ve been wearing it around our pool at home and as a flowy kimono to go out in.

I will say that the flights getting to Pittsburgh were a bit tough since 14 months is such a rough age to fly with. She just wanted to be down and walking and didn’t understand why she couldn’t at times and she’s not at the age where she will watch videos with headphones (especially on a small phone screen). We let her stand on the floor between our legs when we could and tried to get her to transfer things from the seat pockets (which worked for a bit) but she was basically only happy if she was eating so we tried to feed her one puff at a time for 90 minutes to keep her from screaming and flailing—fun!! I’ve heard good suggestions since then about giving kids that age post-it notes to stick on everything or putting small snacks in those milti-window pill boxes so it takes them forever to eat all them…totally trying that next time! All in all, still better than driving 18 hours with a toddler that hates her carseat for sure!

It’s always so good to see my family and soak in their love and watch them love on Lola now too. We have a family vacation planned with everyone in my immediate family in October in Ashville, NC so I can’t wait to do that with the whole gang this time!

xo. Laura

8 thoughts on “Summer Beach Day!

  1. Laura

    So fun! My nephew is almost two and I recently got to go to the beach with him and his family and it was so sweet to see him splashing in the water and obsessing over dumping wet beach sand out of his toy dump truck. Haha.

    This is an honest question. I always thought a beach technically was ocean, but a lot of my friends who aren’t on the coast go to lake “beaches”? Is it a beach because of the sand? Do you know? Either way, water is where it’s at in the heat of summer!

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      I believe a beach is just sand along water so it’s a beach! Not quite Hawaii but we’ll take it 🙂


  2. Drummer's Wife

    Awww!!! Such a cute girl, and such a cute family! 😀 Cute classy suits with those very cute sunglasses! And that pink suit is too cute at an amazing price!! We briefly stood by Lake Erie in Cleveland, on the same trip as the Cincinnati Bunbury music festival a year ago, and it’s so big, it looks like an ocean! So little Lola probably felt like she was at the ocean, which is a magical experience!

    Not exactly sure how we’ll manage big car trips like to Portland (where Brandon grew up) when we have kids, but we’ll find a way to make it happen!

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Yes, trips with little ones can be tough but you’ll find a way to make it happen!



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