November 20, 2018
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Whatever Lola Wants…

How is it Thanksgiving week already!? While winter in general goes SO SLOW for me, the holiday part is always over in the blink of an eye but this year Lola is a little older and so I hope we can include her on some more fun traditions this year so I’m really looking forward to that. Here’s what else I’m loving this week!

Lola wore this knitted romper to a birthday party this weekend and all the Moms wanted to know where it was from. I kept saying that she looks like a cute hipster Pinocchio—haha!

Thinking about getting these vintage-inspired toddler snow boots so we’re ready for our first snow of the year. I know for sure Lola will want to go out in snow so we better be ready in case we get some!

Most of you know how common runny noses are for toddlers in the winter months and since we are trying to be better and better at buying reusable things I bought these to catch all the drips and throw them in the wash to reuse again. So far, the organic cotton feels super soft when blowing your nose so I’m excited to see how we like them in the long run.


Bought this for a holiday season outfit (maybe paired with some tall socks) and it’s going to be sooo cute.

Just ordered these in the toddler and Mommy size so we can have matching Christmas pajamas. I wanted to get a more winter/holiday pattern at first, but these were juuuust too cute to pass up and we can wear them after the holidays are over too!

I love these styles of hairclips but Lola pulls them out pretty fast so maybe I should use one of these for her little topknot to get that pom hair instead….

Just the sweetest little doll pram.

I’ve realized that little girl dress shoes can be a tough category but I’m going to try either these or these to go with her holiday looks this year. I fell down carpeted stairs and broke my collarbone when I was 5 due to a slippery-bottomed pair of Mary Janes so I have a bit of a phobia of little girl’s dress shoes and hopefully Lola won’t have to repeat that ordeal!

We got two of these cutie organic cotton winter-weight sleepsacks for Lola again this year and they are sooo cozy that I can tell she likes to be zipped into them for night and naptimes—I’m totally jealous.

We will be in Illinois this week with Todd’s family and I can’t wait to see Lola get loved on by all her family and cousins who are waiting to see her. Traveling with a toddler is never easy and I feel like the car challenges change every few months so we’ll see how it goes! Also, last year on the same trip is when we totaled our car at night on the highway when we hit a deer, so majorly praying that doesn’t repeat itself this time! Happy Thanksgiving!

xo. Laura

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