January 8, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Our year is already off and running but we had a sweet family dinner party for NYE at the Larson’s house —surprisingly the two kiddos made it halfway through the courses! We decided to put Lola to sleep at their house so we could stay until midnight, and, with a little extra bedtime soothing, it actually worked out pretty well! These two cuties mostly snacked on rolls, crackers, and chex mix for the bulk of their meal so I would say they had the dinner of their toddler dreams. I love that they are both wearing stars too…(by the way, that green stainless steel bottle is great if you are looking for a sippy cup without a plastic body. We use it for dinners out and travel all the time as well as at home.)  I tried my hand at making pate a choux swans with pastry cream filling, and while I went through several batches (and never did get quite the right consistency) they still looked really cute and tasted pretty good too. My Mom and sister made these for a Christmas party when I was a kid and I remember how hard they thought it was at the time—I totally sympathize now! I think my oven temp is way off since mine were getting done in almost half the time the two recipes I tried recommended and I kept leaving them in too long. Someone suggested I get one of these so I ordered one to check the temp next time I bake…

Anyway, it was fun to be out and with Lola and with our friends this year as we were just on the couch with a pizza last NYE (not that I mind a night like that all normally!). Spending special times with friends is not as frequent as it used to be so it’s good to cherish that when you can and I always love getting all dressed up with Todd any chance I can get. I look for a special new dress for NYE but I did a budget option of wearing my favorite sequin dress (mine’s super old but here’s a similar dress) with these really pretty earrings. I’ve had it forever but I still love that dress and I remembered that I wore it two years ago at the Larsons for NYE when Elsie and I were both waiting to be new Moms…and look at us now!

Hope your New Years is off to a good start! I know we have so much to be thankful for, even on the hardest days, and I’m hoping that 2019 is the best year yet for all of you too!

xo. Laura

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Drummer's Wife

    How fun! 😀 Brandon’s birthday is New Year’s Day, and we celebrated with his family by going to his favorite Indian restaurant and watched Bumblebee, be which is better than all the other Transformers movies! We’ve also enjoyed the big hand me down TV his brother’s family generously gave us when they got a giant TV! You guys are awesome! If Todd performs live again in any way, we’d love to see him later again and hopefully meet you and Lola! What a beautiful family! 😀


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