January 19, 2019

Whatever Lola Wants…

You may have already seen this photo on Instagram, but I made that leopard coat for her over Christmas and it makes my heart so happy to see her wearing it around town…now Mommy needs a matching one, right??

OMG! I finally found a kid version of my favorite sunglasses (I have them in 3 colors I love them so much!). Here we come matching heart sunnies!!

Lola outgrows her sneakers so fast so I’m always out on the lookout for a new pair—I love these gold ones!

UGH, this jumpsuit!

Got one of these cute pom tassel sweaters this week I love how it looks on Lola (use the code GUMMERGAL to get a discount if you buy from their site—10% of the sites profits go to help funding IVF treatment which I think is really sweet).

Definitely in my cart for her Valentine’s Day outfit this year.

Love these flare-sleeved bodysuits and they would be super sweet with this overall dress too…

Lola loves to be out in all weather and I’ve wished I had some rain boots for her several times but these sun boots are adorable!

We are just about out of this natural non-nano zinc oxide cream and it’s my favorite cream to use if she has a bad rash or blistering happening. We are still trying to work out which foods are irritating to her skin so this stuff is great to help protect irritated skin and is cloth diaper safe for our diaper routine!

Thinking about getting one of these kid towers to have Lola start helping in the kitchen—does anyone else have them for their kids? What age should you start?

It feels a little too early for spring baby shopping yet, but I am already seeing toddler swimsuits and the like popping up so it may be too hard to resist! We’ll see…

xo. Laura

4 thoughts on “Whatever Lola Wants…

  1. Liza

    Please please please, make a cute DIY of the learning tower (the bottom part could just be an ikea stool)! All my friends are so happy about theirs and I would love to make one for my daughter who’s just a few months younger than Lola.

  2. Valerie Alyse Harris

    We start at one with an Ikea stool and a laundry basket. Totally life changing and it’s hilarious when our son “cooks” by seasoning veggie scraps with a ridiculous amount of salt and pepper.


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