February 15, 2019

Stuffed Animal/Lovie Coloring Pages For Lola

I love this little thing we did for Lola so I thought I’d share it with you in case you wanted to do it too for your kids! Lola has three main “babies” that she constantly asks about and needs to find throughout the day and at nap time. When Lola started finally getting the hang of coloring with crayons a few months ago I saw that Todd had drawn one of the babies on her paper and she immediately knew who it was and was so excited about it. I drew the other two lovies on another paper, and again, she knew exactly who was who even though they were very simple drawings. I thought it would be fun to trace the drawings onto a plain piece of paper with a marker so I could copy them on our printer (it has the scanner on top of the printer that you can use as a copier) and print out lovie coloring pages of the babies whenever she wanted! The real life babies…Lama (a.k.a “MaMa”), Kit Kat the bunny, and Bunny (a.k.a “BaBa”). If you’re wondering why Kit Kat is actually a bunny, that was the only word she could say when she got him (yep, her first word was feline related) so he’s been called that from the beginning. It’s not confusing at all—ha ha! Not only is it exciting for her to color in her favorite friends, but it’s also been really fun for Todd and I as we can get a bit competitively creative and try and draw them doing funny things with different hairstyles etc. on our pages. If your kid loves coloring and has a special stuffy, this might be really fun for them too and you’d be surprised at how simple the drawing can be (you don’t have to be a professional artist for sure!) and they’ll still know their friend when they see them. Too cute!

xo. Laura

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