February 18, 2019
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Whatever Lola Wants…

We had our small share of the polar vortex blow through the past few weeks and we actually had a broken window that week that was covered with cardboard and plastic so that was great timing! Just trying to count down the winter days with hot chocolate and fun indoor actives (like Lola’s first play dough sessions!) but I will be more than overjoyed when Spring finally appears…when will that be again?? Oh well, here are some other things making me happy this week:

I love having slipper socks like these for Lola around the house in the winter. When super cold I layer them with another pair of socks underneath and they are great for keeping feet warm but also giving her some grip while running and playing.

Bought her these rainbow stripe jammies for when the weather warms up and I can’t wait to see her in them.

This outfit! That top is totally something I would wear.

Easy jersey dresses like this are great for places like church where I want her to be a little dressed up but still able to move and play in the nursery (here’s another good leopard option too).

This is Lola’s Valentine’s Day outfit…I got her this one last year and I love the picture I got of her in it so I’m trying to take a V-Day photo every year now.

I got her some leggings with this pattern and I just saw they have it in a romper too

Lola’s getting a little too heavy to lift and hold for hand washing each time we need to wash up so I got this stool and it’s great since it has the two steps so she can get high enough. I also like that it’s a little nicer looking than some of the kid stools that are plastic and rubber but I would suggesting adding some gripper pads to the bottom of the feet and some non-slip strips across the top since the wood could be slippery without gripper socks on.

This. Swimsuit. Has. Killed. Me. Dead.

Even when it’s cold Lola loves the outdoors too much to stay inside all the time so she will play outside in any temperature and still kicks and screams to come in even when Mom and Dad have had enough. Love our little polar bear…

xo. Laura

P.S. That pom pom tassel sweater in the photo is one of my favorites and you can use the code GUMMERGAL on their site for a discount on whatever you buy—I think I’m going to get the yellow one for her too!

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