March 26, 2019
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Whatever Lola Wants…

How cute is that little bunny above? She loves hopping around the house lately so I thought some clip-on bunny ears and tail would be fun and I guess they are just in time for Easter too! Here’s what else I’ve got my eye on this month…

Planning a beach trip this spring (YAYAAHH!) and I can’t decide between this and this suit for Lola!

She would love this little doggy shirt. She loves alllll things dogs right now…

I have this awesome gadget on my wishlist to use with Lola as we explore the outside world—how cool is that?!

Realized this week she’s starting to grow out of her only jean jacket and I love the lighter wash of this one.

Definitely planning on making a few outfits from this pattern for summer! I guess I should get started soon, huh?!

Cute sun hats are hard to find for kids, but I actually think this one is really cute (oooh, or this one!).

We don’t have any long sleeve shirts that fit over Lola’s belly anymore so a multi-pack like this would be great (and it’s organic cotton too).

Like all kids, Lola is obsessed with phones but since we try to do as little screen time as possible I thought one of these would be great for her phone calls instead—it even has pushable buttons! I’ve given her calculators to play with and she she immediately holds it up to her ear and starts to “call” someone…haha!


Oh yeah, I definitely see one of these in our future to stop the trail of snacks all over the house!

With Spring finally in the air I can feel the end of winter fully in sight and we are about to be knee-deep in yard work and all things dirt and flowers…can’t wait to plant something with our little helper— she’s always happy to help dig!

xo. Laura

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