April 24, 2019

Whatever Lola Wants…

Man, what a teenage toddler, amiright? I did her hair like that to keep it out of her face while we did something messy but it just looked like a mini Gwen Stefani style from the 90’s so I kept it in all day because I loved it so much…

-Got this amazing invention after learning about it on a sleep podcast and I can’t wait to try it on vacation to see if it helps her sleep better and gives us the chance to still be awake in the room after she goes to bed as needed—genius!

-We’ve been using this toddler alarm clock lately to try and keep her quit in her crib in the morning for longer and it’s a little hard to tell right now but I think she’s starting to understand and she really likes to see the bunny go to sleep when she does. She may be a bit young for a ready-to-wake type clock but I know some babies totally get it this young and if not we’ll just keep trying it until it eventually clicks!

-Ordered these slip on shoes this week—it can be so hard to wrestle toddler feet into shoes so slip-ons can be very useful when when they fit right! I bought the biggest size of these this week and they juuuust fit so I had to return them as she’ll probably grow out of them in the next two weeks. SO CUTE THOUGH!

-I love a baby in a jean jacket so I decided to try this for summer—how long do you think I can keep it white though?? I’m going to try!!

-Love this little 70’s looking romper!

-I’ve noticed that it’s good to have an “other” to blame things on (like saying that “the bunny says it’s not time to get up yet” on her toddler clock) so I bought this cute timer to use for time outs or for how long her bath time should be etc. and I think it helps give her a marker to wait for rather than an seemingly arbitrary word from me. I will say that the ring on this timer is pretty loud though so I stuffed a rag into the back of it and I don’t put it right next to her or she will jump!

-GAHH! This swimsuit and rashguard!

Heading out on a beach trip this next week and I can’t wait to soak up some sun and dig in the sand with Lola—she LOVES being outside so I think she’ll be in heaven on the beach!

xo. Laura
P.S. that dress is June and January above and the sunnies are Oui Fresh!

2 thoughts on “Whatever Lola Wants…

  1. Drummer's Wife

    She is tooo cuuute! Hope her sleep regression has gotten better! That is an AMAZING toddler tent! We love travelling and hope to continue doing it a little after we have kids!


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