April 22, 2019

Doing Easter The “Right” Way This Year!

So it’s been a while since we did Easter Sunday the “right” way…for me, Easter has always been a holiday with a big spiritual significance, but in addition to that it’s always been a big family day. Growing up we would go to my Grandparents house for a huge Easter brunch with lots of family stopping by and even when I went to college and beyond I always set up a big brunch with all my other friends who were far away from their families too. Since we moved to Nashville though Easter kind of turned into a loner holiday for me where I would be lucky if Todd was home for it and not touring and I just didn’t have other friends that were around for the holiday without their families nearby too so we kind of kept spending it by ourselves which made me kind of sad. I remember one year Todd was touring and they had a day off on Easter and went to someone’s house to have a big meal together (and even had an egg hunt) and I just about cried on the phone with him as I could hear all the fun in the background and I was sitting in the house alone. It just felt so wrong.

So anyways, this year I was so happy that a few of our non-related family (a.k.a. friends) were in town and could come hang out on one of the prettiest Easter Sundays I can remember and do a little egg hunt with us in our backyard after church and drink mimosas and eat candy out of our kid’s baskets—it was lovely. Of course it’s always extra work on a holiday weekend to clean and cook and host but it’s worth it to just be with people that mean a lot to you and it was Lola’s first egg hunt so I was pumped to get to do that with her too! She would have probably been fine stopping at the first egg to just eat the candy inside, but she eventually got the hang of looking for more in the yard…

I always want to eat kielbasa sausage and plain (pastel colored!) M&Ms on Easter since that was my main jam at the kid’s table way back when and I’ve never had kielbasa sausage anywhere but my Grandma’s house so it tastes like home to me once a year. Hope you were with people that love you this past Easter and I’m still trying to soak in all the renewed life and hope that the holiday brings to me…

xo. Laura

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