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July 18, 2013

Kansas City Mini Vacay

Road trip! We really wanted to do something fun for our anniversary this year, so we decided to go on a weekend getaway up to Kansas City and visit our pals Ryan and Rachel. The last time Todd really went shopping was about two years ago (!!!) when he first joined MUTEMATH, and I had finally convinced him that another round of purchases was necessary. I also told him if I had to see him in “that” shirt (meaning any of his shirts) one more time, I was going to punch him in the mouth. I think that was my most persuasive point.

We left here Saturday morning and got to KC just in time to eat lunch before shopping. I had requested pizza for lunch (because I’m not a complete moron that was going to miss eating pizza at every possible chance), and Ryan suggested that we give Spin Neapolitan Pizza a try. I’m not kidding when I say that this was the best pizza I’ve had in years, and I was completely blown away by how incredibly delicious it was- and we just got a plain old pepperoni! Having traveled to Italy for a month during an art trip in college, I’ve had my fair share of real pizza, and the pie at Spin did not dissapoint.

Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we rolled on over to the main shopping district in KC called The Plaza, and proceeded to spend hours perusing the racks and shopping-spreed to our heart’s content. By the way, I was very pleased to see that cats are very on trend at the moment as I saw their furry little faces all over the stores. Heaven, except I never did find one that I was able to purrrchace. I’ll let that one sink in.

The only thing that eventually stopped our afternoon spree was the time, so we headed out to meet with our buddies for dinner at a place called Grahm and Dun. First of all, they had a lovely patio at the restaurant that was packed with people enjoying the perfect summer Saturday evening, and second of all, we had two of the best drinks we’ve had in a while. One was called “The Ginger Rogers” and was kind of like a ginger mojito, and the other was called the “D Cup” and tasted like a summery lemon St. Germain martini. We have immediate plans to figure both of the recipes out as soon as possible- so obsessed! We also got to sample homemade chips that had really interesting gourmet ketchups (blood orange and vanilla bean!).

After a fun packed Saturday, we spent an easy-breezy Sunday with our friends and went for a late brunch and swam in their pool for a while. Super chill and relaxing, just the way we like it.

I couldn’t get that pizza from Spin off my mind, so I made a special request full of begging and pouty lips to go back there for dinner on Sunday night and my wish was granted! I got the same exact pizza as the day before, and it was just as delicious the second time around.

All in all, our 36 hour trip felt like much longer and we had an unforgettable time with good friends and great pizza. Who could ask for anything more? Oh right, a cat shirt in my size. Damn…



July 16, 2013

Three years down, a million to go (I hope)…

Last week (on July 9th) Todd and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Apparently, the rule is that you are only called “newlyweds” for the first three years of our marriage, so I guess we had better use the term as often as possible this year. I’ll probably try and say things like, “Oh we’re newlyweds and SO in love!” at restaurants, hoping to get a free mozzarella sticks appetizer. Can’t a young newlywed couple get a complimentary order of garlic knots around here?? Sheesh.

Our road to being together wasn’t exactly a smooth one, I was the unhappy victim of unrequited love for the first four years, but I would do it all again if I had to (but seriously, please don’t make me!).┬áSince I had already known (and been in love with) Todd for eight years by the time we got married, I have to say that the transition into married life was pretty easy (read more about our wedding here, here, and here). I mean I had to redirect my mail and get a name change, but there wasn’t much else different from before we got married. We already knew each other so well that sometimes I would make it a game to┬átry and find things that he didn’t already know about me. The only one I ever surprised him with was the fact that I ritually ate a Red Baron pepperoni mini pizza every Friday night like clockwork. He was usually gone on the weekends, so that was new information. Other than my mini pizza propensity, we were pretty familiar with each other’s habits and flaws.

Three years later, I still know what he’s about to say, what joke he’s about to make, what object on the floor he’s about to kick across the room to try and land in someone’s cereal bowl- but I love it all anyways. No one makes me laugh like he does, continuously challenges me to be a better version of myself, or makes me feel as safe and secure when all hell breaks loose around us.

Photos by Ryan Strong

We celebrated our anniversary this weekend in Kansas City, and we snapped a few pics before heading off to a dee-licious dinner with our pals. I started a tradition of wearing the crystal bow belt that I made for my wedding dress on every anniversary, and I’m still totally in love with the idea. It would be a little cray-cray to keep the actual dress and wear it out for Mexican food each year, but the belt is a lot more doable and I’m as obsessed with it as I was back then.

Oh yes, and the guy from the wedding. I’m still pretty obsessed with him too…