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August 21, 2013

Glitter Letter Planter DIY

It seems like I enjoy acquiring plants more and more as time goes on. Even though there have been some rough patches in my plant relationships (you know, like when they get all rude and die on you? Whateves plant, I didn’t like you anyways…) I have really enjoyed finding new nooks for friendly plant faces in our house.¬†Of course, giving a plant a proper home involves some sort of planter, but to be honest, I was kind of annoyed to see how much planters can cost- and most of them are super boring, so that’s not really a wallet opening incentive.

The answer to my expensive/boring planter query? It’s either winning the lottery or DIY, and since Todd’s lotto ticket addiction hasn’t paid off yet, I guess it’s a DIY then…

I bought a plain black planter and Valspar Metallic spray paint in silver at our local Lowe’s store. First of all, let me say that I have use a lot of spray paints in my life, but right now I’m a bit addicted to Valspar’s Metallic gold and silver paint. It’s the best spray paint I’ve found so far, it covers really well, so keep that in mind if you need anything metallic in the near future. I also bought some giant glitter letter stickers at Michael’s for the project. And for everything else in my life. I mean seriously…

All I had to do was give the planter a quick covering with my silver spray paint and stick on the letters once the paint was dry. Done. DIYs don’t get much easier than that!

Maybe it’s silly, but it makes me smile to put little phrases on or around objects. Can you imagine all the other things your plant could be saying to you? I thought about doing “Please keep the cat away from me” or “I’ve seen you in your underwear,” but those were too long for this planter.

What would your plant want to say to you?