June 17, 2014

Costa Rica!! (part one)

In the 11 years that I’ve known him, I’ve only been on one real vacation with Todd and that was our honeymoon together in Cancun, Mexico almost four years ago. We were totally due for another trip together (actually, we are due for like a million trips together!) when we decided to go to Mal Pais, Costa Rica with three of our favorite couples this year. Neither of us had ever been to Costa Rica so it was an exciting adventure for us to plan out and look forward to the trip. It was also the first time that we have ever stayed in a rental house when we traveled vs. a hotel, and we seriously had the most AH-MAZING house ever. For reals.

Unfortunately, the Band Wife part of my life usually sneaks into almost every plan I make and Todd had to play a show on what was supposed to be our second day in Costa Rica. You can imagine how disappointed I was when I had been looking forward to this vacation like a crazy person, but he ended up coming the third day of the trip and spent the rest of the time living it up with the rest of us. You can see how happy I was to meet him at the tiny airport!

There was a guy on the beach most days selling fresh coconut water and I just couldn’t resist anytime he was aroundβ€”so good!! Also, the town had the most adorable French bakery and I absolutely had to have at least 1-2 pastries per day in order to fulfill the vacation sugar/gluten fantasies I had been dreaming about.

That’s all for part one! Tune in next time and you might see a monkey or two!!

13 thoughts on “Costa Rica!! (part one)

  1. Mekeesha

    Fun pictures! I’ve loved seeing pictures from this trip on insta and the abm blog too. It looks like you made Todd shave upon arrival. Haha.

  2. Melodie

    My gosh these photos are splendid!!! Love everything single piece of clothe you’re wearing and OMG that squirrel!!!! He actually waited for you to snap the photo right?!! Adorable! Costa Rica really looks like paradise through your photos, dreamy place!

  3. Magdalena

    Hi Laura! It looks like you had a great time in Costa Rica! I wanted to know where us your black bikini top from? It looks great and I have been looking for something similar. Thanks!


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