October 23, 2014

Buffalo Plaid (& the Cutest Photo Shoot Crasher!)

So, Todd and I went to do a little outfit shoot downtown a few days ago, and when I opened my car door to get out, I saw the friendliest little gray face staring at me. Apparently we had wandering into the territory of the sweetest little outdoor cat I’ve ever met, and not only did he run over to say hello, he let me pick him up and cuddled into my chest right away. He just kept purring as he sat in my arms like we were lifelong friends and didn’t want to be put down. Todd kept trying to convince me we should just take him home with us, but he was so friendly and clean that I wasn’t convinced he didn’t already have a home (and our house is definitely too small for 3 cats anyways). So, Todd and I just took turns holding him and telling him what a handsome boy he was…

Bag/ c/o Pepaloves, Shoes/ Steve Madden, Pants/ H&M, Top/Target

I think he approved of my new bunny bag because he kept trying to climb into it! It was so hard to leave this little furball, but I was so glad that we got the chance to meet him and throw a few pets his way. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open from now on whenever we are in that part of town, always hoping to catch another glimpse of our new furry friend.signature

11 thoughts on “Buffalo Plaid (& the Cutest Photo Shoot Crasher!)

  1. mara

    I love this post! That kitty was the cutest! I love the pics of him just looking at you and the last one!!! oh my I would’ve wanted to keep him too!

  2. Very Veronique

    Oh my goodness, he is the most adorable and cutest cat ever! You can really tell from the photos how friendly he is – when you are petting him in that third photo he’s all like “yeah, that’s right, keep doing that”. I completely understand how hard it must have been not taking him home (a few months ago on a walk home from dinner my boy and I came across the friendliest female cat ever, I petted her and picked her up and I know she is my cat soul mate, but then my boy convinced me that she probably has a home (she was clean and looked very well fed) but even so it was so hard not to take her with me. I still miss her – and I’m not even a cat person!)

  3. Melodie

    Awww what an adorable little ball of fur!!! I call the streets where i take most of my outfit photos “the furry alley” because there are cats in every house and they just wander around in the tiny streets all day long and ask for snuggles and scratchings, it’s adorable!
    Love your outfit too by the way!! 😉

  4. Alexa

    I love this outfit. So excited to see you posting more. I thought you might be ending your run here because of your ABM work (which I also love). I just really this blog too because of its personal nature and your awesome style.



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