November 6, 2014

It’s the Little Things…

I always get asked, “So what did you do with Todd while he was home?” and for some reason that question seems to stump me. We are pretty much home bodies for the most part anyways, but I think the fact that my mind goes blank when people ask what we did just underscores how much I don’t really care about what we do together. I’m just so obsessed by the fact that he IS home, any activity is a cherry on top. The time always goes so fast, but we always try and fit in a few brunches (some out at our favorite spot and some at home), park visits, Stringray rides, and couch surfing with the fur babies while watching a few favorite shows. It’s the little things like that I miss the most when he’s gone.

I was having a pretty hard time with the distance of this lifestyle over the past few months, but I’m trying to get my attitude back in shape and change my thought processes to think more productive and healthy thoughts. I think it’s been helping me so far since I’ve dealt better during the most recent trips. Right now the band is in India so we’ve been texting when he has internet (there’s an app called Viber that’s great for texting and calling overseas) and watching House of Cards episodes at the same time to try and feel connected. Todd staged some surprise roses for me before he headed for the airport and I love it when he leaves me with a present or little notes. I keep all the notes and place them around the house so I can see them throughout the day. Unfortunately, their current city’s hotel doesn’t have the best internet so it’s been a few days since I’ve gotten in a good conversation with him. Sigh. Just a reminder if you have a love that isn’t always with you, you’re not the only one who has all the emotions and frustrations that go with it. Hang in there. I feel ya.signature

8 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things…

  1. Christine

    Oh I know the feeling. Right now I’m currently doing the long distance thing b/c of a job opportunity I got. It’s tough, but I totally agree that when you’re around that person it doesn’t matter what you do. You just care and are grateful you get to spend time together.

  2. Melodie

    Pffff i can only understand you darling…My guy had to leave because of his job and unfortunately it’s hard to know when he’ll be able to come back home… I’m starting to ask myself a lot of questions and i know it’s never good so i’m trying to get my head into more productive things in the meantime.
    I’m thinking of you lovely, and it’s really nice to know that we’re not alone in this hard situation, thank you!

  3. Krati

    Hey Laura, Your husband and his band are going to be in my city i.e. Bangalore tomorrow and day after. And I happened to be going to the event and saw the band’s name and picture on the event website and I was like this guy looks familiar! And then I had to check if it was your husband because I remembered your Halloween shoot from Abeautifulmess. 🙂 I follow ABM since 4-5 years now and thats how all your faces are like imprinted in my mind. Anyway got any message you want me to give him? I could try yelling out to the stage! 😀 <3

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Ha ha! Yes, just tell him the kitties miss him, he’ll be glad to know! Have fun!

      Laura 🙂

  4. Stacia

    Viber is amazing for texting overseas! I used it to keep in contact with my sister while we was in France for 3 months. It was great to keep that connection up, and I can only imagine how much more essential something like that would be if my husband was gone for so long.

  5. mel

    oh laura, thanks you for sharing this. i can relate. my man is going to work overseas (in my case that means your side of the sea) for half a year! and because i am a part time student / part time worker (to finance that whole education-thingy!) i cant go and visit. i know our relationship is strong enough to get through this, but really find it hard to breathe just thinking about it. i read your blog-entry on ABM about staying motivated, and cant agree more that this is going to be the key to make the best of it. so again, thanks…

  6. Laura

    Hey lovely girl,
    i know your pain to well. My love and I have basically never lived in ther same country yet. We’ve been going out for just over three years now. He lives in the UK and I in Germany. I met him when i was an Au pair on the island, just before leaving the country of course. The distance isnt too bad and we manage to see each every 3 weeks. But out lifestyles are different as I am at Uni and he has full time work, hence we cant move in together yet, as I cant afford Uni in the UK (it’s extremely overpriced in my eyes) and the plan is to go live with him after I have finished ( 2 years to go, sigh). He could move here now but it would make moving back to UK just so much harder as we both would have to find jobs and stuff. Long story short …. i know how it feels to miss your love and to be happy with the little things. When we see each other we just enjoy our company, have relaxed tv nights and go out for dinners and brunches when we can, too. It gets frustrating once in a while to not be able to do all the spontaneous things. Even when he visits me over in Germany I mostly am busy with Uni work, so i just enjoy having him sit next to me while he plays his playstion and I am happy to know that even though we dont do much we can go to sleep in the same bed that night 😉
    Keep your head up high! You’re not alone <3
    Laura xx


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