March 2, 2015

Snowy Weekend In

Ok, ok, I know you’re like, “It’s been snowing everywhere. We get it, we all know.” Thankfully, this last round of 6″ or so was the powdery kind of snow and that’s much easier to shovel off of our 90° driveway by myself. Did that come across as not bitter? Oh, good, I’ve been practicing.

I stayed home this weekend allllllll weekend—Friday night to Monday morning my friend. Partially the weather, partially the list of things I had to work on, but either way, I’m not really complaining. The day the snow fell was actually really pretty and quiet and the kitties just napped all day while I worked on a few projects. It felt very “Silent Night” if you get what I mean.

I made myself useful by making a pretty tasty brunch on both mornings in (brunch for one is so happy and yet so sad at the same time) and tried a new dot manicure that I’d seen around. I think it’s cute!The boy is gone for another week or so but we did a belated Valentine’s Day dinner at Flame, our fave fancy restaurant in town, before he left last weekend. They are the same place that catered our wedding, so it’s one of our top sentimental spots too. It’s always good, but the steak and lobster mac + cheese was really on point that night. Delish. I see some 50° days in the forecast so I’m hoping I can hang in until then. Hope you’re warm wherever you are!signature

5 thoughts on “Snowy Weekend In

  1. Wyliecotey

    It’s a low snow year here in Calgary Alberta Canada but it is COLD today and very windy, so feels even colder.We have a boiler to keep warm inside until next week when it is forecast to go up to 50 F for a day or two. I was in Minnapellis a few years ago at Christmas with a friend and we mostly snuggled up until it was time to fly home.

  2. Kathryn

    I have to say that some of my favourite weekends are spent quietly at home with the cats. I mean, not every weekend – because that’s a surefire recipe for going stir crazy – but every now and then, it seems like such a relaxing and low-key treat.

    Hope you’re hanging in there while your guy is gone! And that the weather gets better for you soon. (I’m in Ottawa, Canada, and I have no illusions that it will be improving here any time soon.)

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  3. Les

    just a few things:
    A) i envy all that snow. mostly cause im from California and i have YET to see it like that
    B) you look really pretty in that selfie! 😉
    C) your egg looks like a skull! so you!
    D) you look stunning in that dress!
    E) LOVE the mani! and those rings! (inset heart eyes emoji!)

    that’s all!
    <3 have a great week


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