March 23, 2015

On the road again…(Chattanooga + Nashville)

I can’t believe it but it’s actually been a year since I’ve been to a MuteMath show with Todd. The last time I was out was last March when they played nearby in Rolla, MO, so I was thrilled to drive down to Chatanooga, TN with him last weekend for a show. Since we basically drive through Nashville to get to Chatanooga, we decided to stop in Nashville for a few days on our way back to break up the drive and visit a few of our favorite spots.
Since we woke up in Chatanooga on a Saturday morning, we decided to keep our traditional weekend brunch schedule alive and sample some local food at a spot called Food Works. If you’re ever in the area, I totally recommend it and you can get $1 mimosas with brunch! $1!!

My sister Rachel and her husband Jon live in Atlanta just a few hours south of Chattanooga, so they came up to hang out for the day and brought their incredibly sweet local friends Barbra and Nick with them to show us around the town.I loved this local coffee place called Milk & Honey. The decor was adorable and my sis and I shared a salted chocolate chip cookie that was to die for!We also drove up a mountain nearby and visited this amazing old tudor house that was nestled into the mossy mountain. The fog from the rainy day made the area feel straight out of a movie scene. You could have told me it was Ireland or something and I would have totally believed it.So great to see Todd play and it was the first time I heard some of the new songs for the next album played live—it is going to be an amazing record you guys!!After the show we drove up to Nash the next morning and we sat outside in the warm sun at The Pharmacy where I got the most delicious homemade orange creamsicle soda. AMAZING. It was actually my first time to eat there, but I’d heard such good things about it over the years so I was happy to finally cross it off our list.Overall, it was really good to see Todd play and remind myself why we live the crazy life we do. He is SO talented and I want as many people to know and see that as humanly possible. Good mental fuel to keep me going on a rough week when he’s gone, etc. As fun as traveling together can be, it’s always comforting to get home to the kitties who are usually ready to catch up on snuggle time. Doesn’t matter how far we roam, where the kitties are is definitely home!

xo. Laura

8 thoughts on “On the road again…(Chattanooga + Nashville)

  1. Carina Saraco

    Love all the photos- looks like it was a wonderful road trip! Hope to see Todd and the guys perform this year-it’s been too long!

  2. Jess

    Looks like a lovely time and that orange soda looks DELICIOUS. Also where is your striped dress from? Its adorable!

    1. Mekeesha

      My emoji disappeared! Ha. Anyway, pretend there is a winking tongue sticking out emoji at the end of that post. 🙂

  3. Samantha

    I feel like a total creep but every time I hear Kiss You Slow by Andy Grammer, I think of you. I don’t know how you handle being left alone all the time but I’ve got a lot of respect for it. >fist bump emoji< 😉


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