January 10, 2017

Palm Springs, Here We Come!

You may remember a few weeks back that I said we were hoping to take a Babymoon trip someplace warm while I was still in my second trimester, and we finally decided to go to Palm Springs! If you’ve seen my house it may be a bit of a shock to you that I haven’t already been to the mid-century-lover’s oasis, but this is my first trip out to Palm Springs and I’m SO excited. I originally was trying to find a beach destination for the trip, buuuut the US beaches weren’t quite warm enough yet in January (the water would be cold too in a lot of spots) and looking at flying south of Florida or Hawaii was getting expensive so we decided to save the beach for later and finally make it out to the desert. I’ve been trying to shop for this trip ever since I thought it might be a possibility and let me tell you that it has not been easy! There’s a lot of boxes you’re trying to check off when shopping for such a colorful town and in the middle of winter and for a pregnant lady. If I didn’t already count swimsuit shopping as one of the nine circles of hell, let’s add the 24 weeks preggo component and see how that goes…

Anyways, we leave later this week and we are hoping for great weather and some much needed relaxation. We are also meeting up with 3 other couple pals and sharing a house so it should be a blast—can’t wait!!

xo. Laura

(Top photo by Slim Aarons)

4 thoughts on “Palm Springs, Here We Come!

  1. M

    be prepared for it to be colder than you think – i’m in LA and it’s not broken 70 for a couple of days…we’re all in winter coats! also remember in the winter the dessert gets REALLY cold, because there is no cloud cover. layer up, be prepared. it’s a cute town.

      1. Heidi

        It will be warmr than that – but do bring something warm so you can enjoy the Palm Springs tramway. One quick ride up the tramway and you’ll go from dessert to snow! The restaurant at the top serves a nice dinner and the views are stellar.


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