March 18, 2018

Whatever Lola Wants…

This busy bee is 10 months old and standing all on her own like a champ! I think she still doesn’t totally understand that if she takes a step she can walk, but I’m pretty sure she’ll figure it out any day now since she can bend down to pick things up and go right back to standing or shake items to rattle them while remaining upright—strong girl! Here’s my favorite finds for our little sweet treat this month:

1. The colors in this knitted 70’s-ish rainbow romper are so fun!

2. I’m really interested in trying a full sleeve bib (this brand has some really cute patterns) since we usually feed Lola in her diaper to avoid extra laundry. Anyone already use and like/dislike them??

3. Found a super cute baby jean jacket to put some large patches on the back of—I found a big pastel rainbow patch in the clearance bin at H&M for 1$ soooo how could I not? Maybe I’ll use this patch on the front…

4. I have trouble finding non-slip socks that I like (and that stay on) for her to wear around the house, so these may be the perfect solution to give her some footing grip while keeping her feet warm too.

5. THESE SHOES!!! Also, I just got these to go with summer dresses—cuuuuute.

6. These would be great for a base for baby headband DIYs and then you can cut out some glitter fabric sheet shapes (like stars or bows) and just glue them on!

7. Is this what babies wear to Cochella?

8. I would love to get Lola something like this to play with in our den, but is she the right age for this or still a little young?

9. Love this outfit for Easter, especially the way they have it styled in the photo with the collared bodysuit underneath—so sweet!

We’ve been trying out some new toys like those wooden blocks that my Mom brought for her on their last visit, and while she’s not interested in building anything yet, she does like the knocking down process so far! Classic baby move. What are your favorite toys/games for this age?

xo. Laura

7 thoughts on “Whatever Lola Wants…

  1. Holly French

    Get one of those activity centers! My mom gave one for our oldest daughter when she was 6 months old. She’s almost 4 now and still plays with it daily! Our second daughter is 17 months and plays with it daily too!

  2. Fem

    We have an Ikea full sleeve bib, still do the just diaper thing occasionally, but now that it’s winter it’s nice that we don’t have to.

    Activity center will work just fine. She might not do with it what you would expect, but she will be entertained, which is the main thing.
    P is almost 14 months and hardly plays with it anymore (but she’s full into playing kitchen and building blocks).

  3. Laura B.

    Lola is such a cutie! 🙂

    I had those same “non-slip” booties for my daughter and didn’t like them. The pads on the bottom weren’t sticky at all, they were almost like a smooth vinyl, which didn’t help to keep her from slipping at all; plus they were super easy for her to pull off and therefore didn’t keep her feet warm either. So for us it was a fail on all fronts! We just used non-slip baby socks instead, those tend to work better and stay put relatively well compared to the alternatives. I really like the Sock it To Me brand baby/toddler socks (the “1 to 2 years” size).

    I bet she would love that activity cube! I’d also recommend a sturdy walker-type toy for her age, like this one — it’s a little ugly but is by far one of the best-loved toys we’ve ever purchased for my daughter! She loved playing with it when she was about Lola’s age, before she could walk, and she still plays with it now at 18 months.

    1. Joanna

      That walker is great! You can adjust the wheels to move normal or slower.

      Also i just leave my son in his socks and if its not too chilly, barefoot. That is best for grip and figuring out how to walk.

  4. Rae Hartsock

    long sleeved bibs rule! you’ll love them!
    and check out zutanos for nonslip. they are booties, they look similar to what you posted but are hard for babies to kick off! we’ve bought them in every size as our daughter grows and love them.

  5. Amanda

    My 6 month old enjoys her wooden activity center. I’ll sit her next to it and she moves the little balls around. We have the Zany Zoo from Target and the quality is amazing. It doesn’t have sharp edges or corners, something I didn’t even think about!


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