March 25, 2013

Fall Tour Recap (East Coast)

So, now that you are all caught up on my West Coast adventures from this fall, it’s time to switch gears and travel to the opposite side of the country. Todd was out for a solid three months for the fall tour season since the band combined two separate tours into one long trip. I’ll let that sink in. He was gone for an ENTIRE SEASON of the year. No jumping in leaf piles or drinking pumpkin spice lattes for us-the leaves had pretty much turned and fallen by the time he got home. Wah, wah, I know.

Anyways, for my second trip out to visit I joined the band in Pittsburgh, PA (my hometown), and did another week long stay winding around the East Coast and ending up in Atlanta, GA. The early October weather had brought the usual rain and slight chill that I’m accustomed to with an East Coast fall, but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. We were so happy to be together and he got extra points for presenting me with a necklace he bought for me during their Toronto show. Good boy. We also had the most delicious Nutella and banana crepes (my favorite) and Thai bubble tea that still haunt my dreams.

Most tour visits are spent walking around and exploring the cities, eating, and shopping a bit. Hmm, I guess that’s what I usually do at home too. But even everyday activities seem extra special when you get to do them in fun places with the one you love most.

Todd comes back from his Singapore/Australia trip tomorrow and I’m SO excited. I can’t wait to hear all his stories and see pictures (perchance a present I shall have as well??). I definitely need to tidy up the house before he gets here though, Charlie and I live like total bachellorettes when he’s gone. Maybe I can get her to dust with her tail…

xo. Laura

17 thoughts on “Fall Tour Recap (East Coast)

    1. thebandwife

      It WAS in Baltimore! I’m not sure exactly where, but it was on the water in a mall type area at a stand just down the street from the stadium. I think there were paddle boats in front of the place…

  1. Carina Saraco

    I think we visited that mall when we saw MuteMath in Baltimore (maybe 2006?). That was our first experience with Five Guys :). Love these photos- happy that your Todd is coming home!

  2. Monica

    The two last pictures of the hand pointing at each of you is neat and artistic!
    I don’t know what I’d so if I was separated from my husband for that long (well.. when I get married one day that is). No one to share pumpkin spice lattes with? Never.

  3. CT

    I don’t remember if you said it somewhere else on your blog (or it’s none of my business!) but why did you guys choose Missouri as your home base when it seems like your travels take you all around the country? Loving this blog! A fellow band wife (on a smaller scale. . . ) Cheers – CT

  4. Tasha

    How cool is that fur coat! Love it! I hope Todd enjoyed Australia. I’d be interested to know if he went to Perth (my hometown). I hear so many mixed opinions. It’s quite a unique place xxx

  5. Eileen

    I heard Mute Math for the first time yesterday on Sirius satellite in my car…did an awesome cover on the Coffee House…

  6. Kelly

    Hey! I’ve been clicking around your blog and found this old(ish) post and couldn’t resist commenting when I saw your comment about Nutella/banana crepes! I live in KC and we have a restaurant here called Chez Elle Creperie and they make an AWESOME Nutella/banana crepe! They have some pretty killer savory crepes on the menu, too, as well as the best lobster bisque that I’ve ever had in my life, but when faced with the menu and a finite amount of space in my stomach, it’s hard to not get something sweet and decadent every time! So, next time you’re in KC (I know, you were JUST here!), you should check it out – it’s just barely west of downtown.

  7. Mekeesha

    Got linked to your blog via abm and have been reading the whole thing. I live in Chattanooga and was excited to see your pictures from here! I think the hands pointing are painted on the outside of track 29, right? 🙂


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