March 22, 2013

Fall Tour Recap (West Coast)

Now, some of you may be wondering why I haven’t been out on tour with Todd since starting this blog (thus the empty “tour life” archive). First of all, this blog is not even two months old yet. CALM DOWN. Second of all, most band wives don’t get to go out on tour with their husbands very often due to finances, jobs, kids, etc. Unless you are U2 and you have your own private jet to fly your family to every show (I imagine), you are most likely only going to visit your man on the road to break up the longer tours. Third of all, Todd and the guys are getting into “recording phase” for the next album, which means they are spending a lot more time off the road at the moment than on. I like that phase.

However, to give you a taste of what it’s usually like, I thought I would post a few of my favorite iphone pics I took while visiting Todd on tour this fall. I joined the band in Los Angeles back in September and we went down to San Diego (Hotel del Coronado!) and over to Phoenix and Albuquerque before I had to head home. The band was opening for Linkin Park and Incubus on the first leg of the tour, so that meant two things: great catering and bragging rights over any girl who ever loved Brandon Boyd.

Besides the shopping, delicious food, and eye darts from female B. Boyd fans, this was a great trip full of warm weather, ice cream, and a few beach visits as well. What’s not to like?

xo. Laura

18 thoughts on “Fall Tour Recap (West Coast)

  1. jenrlangman

    Love the photos & glimpse into visiting on tour! I’ve only been able to see Mutemath live once and it was such a good show, can’t wait to see them again.

    Loving the blog so far, becoming one of my favorites. =)

  2. aubrey

    just started reading your blog (so fun, by the way), but didn’t realize your husband is from the band mutemath– I used the song “you are mine” at my wedding!

  3. Teri

    I was at that concert!!!! I can see pretty much where we sat in the photo. Haha!!! It was a thrill to see MM playing with Incubus. I saw MM play at Club Nokia and saw Inc play in Irvine some months prior. My girlfriend and I were celebrating my birthday the day of the San Diego concert. Seeing my two fav bands at one time was heaven. Yes, Brandon Boyd is a cutie and so is Todd!!!

  4. Filiz

    You’re so pretty!! I love your side profile shot, it’s stunning 🙂 BTW the first concert I ever went to, Incubus opened for 311. I was thirteen, Brandon had dredlocks. I’ve never seen Mute Math live, hopefully one day!

  5. Sara Elizabeth

    It’s great to see another band lady blogging!! I honestly love when I can just go on tour with my boyfriend and not have to worry about work, school, and more importantly being without him. Maybe someday we’ll cross paths (we’re in two different music genres so it’s unlikely) but who knows! 🙂

    x Sara from

  6. nicola

    Pictures from my hood! I walk by the first two pics in Redondo daily! Love your blog and stoked your going to be part of Beautiful Mess!

  7. Jen

    Just found your blog and as a fellow band wife am appreciative. My husband went on a 5 week tour of Europe last summer and it was hard not to roll my eyes every time someone asked, “Why don’t you get to go?!” The idea of touring (not vacationing) Europe with 5 guys in a van doesn’t really sound all that luxurious to me. Also, he’s technically working. Who goes with their partner to work? We discussed meeting up over there since he was going to miss my bday, but being pregnant and starting a new job kinda got in the way. Maybe next time.
    Look forward to reading more!

  8. Chelsea

    Oh b. Boyd first concert I saw they opened for the deft ones. Oh my that boy’s voice and abs are just wrong. His aunt is my moms casting agent and I love it. Never met him though. The one time I could’ve I wasn’t asked to attend an event my dad went to (yes i am mostly annoyed that i have “industry parents” haha) Both my sisters met the whole band during a remission of the event after they performed and my younger sister stood in between his legs while he was sitting. she still can barely tell me the story because she gets so excited and that was like 10 years ago!! I still hate them all for it. Hahaha


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