April 13, 2015


In case you hadn’t seen a recent series of my Instagram posts regarding the following, we just bought tickets to go to Paris next month!!! I say “just” and that makes it sound like it was done on a whim, but nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve wanted to go to Paris since, well, ever since I can remember. Instead of cartoons, we grew up watching old movies of Audrey Hepburn and Gene Kelly dancing and singing their way around Paris and I’ve been quite the Francophile since. I thought about requesting to go for our honeymoon when we got married, but planning a wedding is such a big job, that I really wanted a relax-on-the-beach-with-a-drink honeymoon rather than one that involved maps, metro line explanations, and foreign language dictionaries. European trips are definitely worth it, but you have to put in a little more effort than a resort vacation for sure. Anyways, I’m turning 30 within the next month (eek!) and we want to start to think about having kids soon after that (triple eek!) so I’ve been trying to make this Paris trip happen for the last year as a “last hurrah” to hurry up and do things I’ve always wanted to do before any bebes come around. Not that you can’t go to Paris after kids, but it certainly has more complications I’m sure.

The biggest problem with trying to go on any sort of trip (let alone a dream European vacation) is that we never really know Todd’s schedule until a week or two before the day arrives. Hell, I can’t even plan a birthday party until right before the day because I don’t know if he’s going to be here, so a Paris vacation seemed rather impossible. Todd had to miss almost half of the only vacation we’ve ever taken together last year for that very reason (which is why we never go on vacation) so I was pretty nervous to actually buy tickets and book apartments since things never are sure thing with his job. But you know what? You’ll never get to do anything worth while if you don’t take chances, so we waited for our best chance to go and we’re taking it! You seriously have no idea how excited I am. I’m been shopping for clothes since December to get the perfect Paris wardrobe and I’ll share a bit of my choices with you soon. I didn’t know what month we were going in, so that was a bit of a challenge to work around, but I think it will all come together. The night we bought our tickets we celebrated with a bit of champagne and homemade banana nutella crepes to get into the spirit of things. Those french creperies aren’t even going to know what hit them by the time I’m done…à la prochaine!

xo. Laura

14 thoughts on “PARIS!!!

  1. leslie

    i have never been but my coworker went for her Honeymoon around thanksgiving and while you dont get to be with your family for the holiday, you do get most of Paris to yourself.
    she told us it was rather quiet and peaceful vs going in the summer when everyone is there.
    so if you come back with an itch to go back, id recommend that time. that way it seems like you have Paris all to yourself!!!

    have a blast and i cant wait to see your ig feed! (:

  2. emma

    Hi Laura,

    I’m a French reader of your blog since, well, forever. Happy to hear you’ll be soon visiting this amazing city.

    Here are a few adresses off the top of my head, known only to the parisians, that I’m sure you’d love :
    http://leperchoir.fr/bienvenue.html (drinks on paris typical rooftops)
    http://www.timeout.fr/paris/boite-de-nuit/wanderlust (huge terrace in front of the Seine) Upstairs, there is another great bar : http://www.nuba-paris.fr
    http://www.edgarparis.com/accueil.html (really nice terrace on a hidden place for a chill evening)
    http://www.timeout.fr/paris/bar/rosa-bonheur-sur-seine (drinks and food on the Seine banks)
    http://www.bouillon-chartier.com/fr/ (super typical, early 20’s like bistro, good food for really unbeatable prices – they actually kept 1920’s price range-, and the ambiance is really, really french)
    http://www.yelp.fr/biz/le-comptoir-général-paris-2 (great bar hidden in front of the Canal, you’d never know it’s there unless you know about it)
    http://www.tripadvisor.fr/Restaurant_Review-g187147-d719147-Reviews-Le_Loir_dans_la_Theiere-Paris_Ile_de_France.html (their “tarte au citron” is huge and to die for, i’de recommend going for tea time, but no later than 4pm, or they’ll be out of tartes)

    And a not-so-touristy place to visit, Paris “Ecole des beaux arts” is really worth the quick stop, perfect for instagram pics 😉 : http://www.beauxartsparis.com/fr/l-ecole/acces

    Enjoy !

      1. Geraldine

        Parisian reader here also! I do like every places Emma suggested. For a romantic night I would also recommand to have some drinks in a hidden house in Montmartre (http://hotel-particulier-montmartre.com/). You have to ring the bell to enter a private lane to go there. The garden’s amazing and overlooking the whole city. Better making reservations. Do not eat though, not so good for the (high) price.

  3. AnnaLise Coble

    Woohoo!!! You are right! You just gotta go for it and take that risk! Its going to be amazing!! Can’t wait to live vicariously through you when you share your adventure with us! 🙂

  4. Katie G

    Hi there, first time comment from Ireland:) you will love it in Paris, I went years ago and had a really nice timexx

  5. Bekah

    You’re going to LOVE Paris!!! It’s so beautiful and there is so much to see and do, and of course the food! I’ve been wanting to go back ever since my last trip!!

  6. Katie

    Eeep! That sounds amazing! I hope your Paris trip is as amazing as you’ve always dreamed.

    Do you follow the blog Paris In Four Months? Her photos are STUNNING. Check it out if you don’t follow already!

  7. C.B.

    I’m a French Canadian reader. What you should know about France is that French people are really nice and friendly to people who make an effort to speak to them in French. So if you must ask if they speak English, do so in French (Parlez-vous anglais?). Also, don’t walk around with a coffee cup in your hand (starbucks)………there’s nothing more North American than that! They take their coffee at the café not with them. Also I’m sorry for the French readers but although I say French people are nice and friendly……that does not apply to Parisians (in general). Some of them are real A-holes! And finally…….do not drive in Paris, I repeat DO NOT DRIVE IN PARIS! They are crazy!

  8. Kara B.

    This is great! Hooray for you guys for taking chances and living your life! I’ve only been to Paris once, and it was my favorite part of Europe…it was probably all the glorious wine and baguettes 😉


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